Atlanta/Maryland/Miami/Oklahoma/Smoky Mt. Riders?

Hi All,

I am going to be visiting the States and doing a motorcycle trip from Upstate New York down to Annapolis probably stopping in Atlanta and then resuming to Ft. Lauderdale and then looping up to Oklahoma city and back to NY through the Smoky Mts. If there are any good MUni riders on this rout please let me know. I will be bringing my KH24 along and would love to take MUni breaks!

I live in Israel and ride with the same people every week. It is quite rare that I get to ride with people from other countries and really want to make the most of it on this trip.


Click on the “map” feature on the top right of this page and you may find some riders on your rout. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about good muni riders but I’m here in the Tulsa area. Turkey Mountain has good technical trails and is reviewed on some of the mountain bike sites. Is Tulsa on your route from OKC to NYC?

What dates will you be traveling?

The Dates.

I am not sure of the exact dates of my stops yet. I will be leaving Israel July 15 and flying back Sept 26. I think that my road trip will be in August/September. When I am not on the road trip I will be staying in Broadalbin NY. So any upstate NY riders are welcome to contact me for rides.
I have already been in contact with Steveyo and am looking forward to riding with him and Rlandismimo in Schenectady.


When you figure out when you will pass through Maryland let me know. Also you should be aware of the Asheville Muni Festival September 17-19. Asheville, NC is near the Smoky Mountains. Here is the link to that thread. Asheville MUni Fest 2010

Thank for the info

Thanks for that Link Munimag. I really appreciate it. I will try to hit it if I can.
Have you been to last years Muni Fest? It looks like alot of fun! By the way Pisgah is Hebrew means summit.

I have not been there before but I am going to try to make it this year.