Atlanta Area Unicyclists

There are 2 parades on July 4th that some local unicyclists are going to participate in. I was invited by John at Here is a link to the information. It should be fun, I have only been riding a short time, so I am looking forward to the opportunity. It would be great to see a lot of others their as well.

Parade Info


Sorry, Chad, I can’t make it for the 4th. So, you’re really going to ride this time? I want photos.

This is on road, not off! So I should be able to do both w/o much trouble. I do have a digital camera, I guess I should contact Gilby so I can get my space activated in order to post the pictures. I do have my KH24 now so next time you are in town I will be game for off-road, what am I talking about… I will see you at the NAUCC and apparently there will be some Muni there. I have the Fireball on my KH24 right now, so I guess I will bring my knobby and switch it out for off-road.:smiley:

Get ahold of the Feed and Seed Marching Band and the Atlanta Juggling club. These guys probably know tons of unicyclists who would love to ride in your parade. Also do a quick google search for howard family and juggling and see what you get.

I found what is supposed to be the Howard Family site, but it is just a blank page. I will try the others and let them know.