Athiest vegetarians.

I was reading the thread by unipsych0 about vibram five fingers and was taken aback by the number of forum members who not only are familiar with the footwear, but own a pair - far more, I would guess, than a random sample of non-unicycling people.

My theory is that unicycling seems to attract a certain type of person and as I am one of those people I wondered how many, if any, trait’s and propensities we share - like embracing novel beneficial footwear.

Among other things I am an athiest and a vegetarian - how many of you share one, other or both of these philosophies?

Neither of those for me so no…

I’m an atheist, but dinner tonight will be steak!

iam not any of them, i would rather eat an animal than kill it in an inhuman way, by letting it starve. :slight_smile:

You may be seeing selection bias in that thread. The people who own those shoes will tend to respond in that thread, and non-owners will not.

I think unicycling requires some degree of persistence. I’ve met a lot of people who tell me they’ve tried to ride, and never could learn how. The difference between riders and non-riders is that the riders don’t give up so easily.

I am both an atheist and a vegetarian.

I also thing that you just found a selection bias, just like this thread will attract atheists and vegetarians.

Not too much about unicycling in this thread. lets try to keep the vegetarianism and atheism in JC eh?

I can’t remember much conversation about veggies but there was a lot of talk about theism/atheism a few years ago. most of us got pretty tired of it. Use the google search thingy and you will find lots of discussion if you need to bring it up again.

I’m not promoting either, just asked the question.

I’m both atheist and vegetarian and I probably only change if it I will die if I not :stuck_out_tongue:

Starve?? please explain me how I’m killing animals by letting them starve because i am vegetarian?

maybe I just misunderstood what you have writen…

I’m with Saskatch on this one…let this one disappear.

Fair enough but this was the important line in my post:

Looks like kamikaze already helped you out by getting it started.

Shintoist cannibal.

i am an atheist

I think the willingness to try toe shoes does speak to a quality common to unicyclists; we don’t mind being perceived as a bit odd.

At a MUni event I was walking down the street to dinner with a group, and there was a raised curb that we all walked along. Being willing to try things which are a little different and perhaps a bit odd certainly helps one become a unicyclist.

I love vegetarians. Some of my closest friends are vegetarians (although I am not.)

Still, I really enjoy this video:

Bacon! :slight_smile:

I am an atheist and not a vegetarian. I believe in evolution and since I have teeth that allow me to eat both meat and veggies I do so. I follow my evolutionary traits that put me on the top of the food chain, and gosh darn I want to stay there.

Apologies for starting this thread at all/in the wrong place. Like most recent forum joiners I suffer from not knowing my place.

There’s a poll in the conversation area for proud self-selecting athiest vegetarians to skew the results should you be so inclined. Lets treat this thread as dead before it treads on any more sandalled toes.

Unicycling is one thing, but adults curb walking is beyond strange!:stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I see that, I holler: Hey tightrope walker! Are you in the circus?!