At Last!

i’ve bin saving up and now my 20" uni as a kris holm velo seat and bout an hour ago i fitted a new chunky tyre on it so now it looks like a sort of muni! i can bunny hop now and its so much better i wanna do the whole of my uni up next thing i’m saving up for are pedals (red ones to match the red stripe on my KH velo seat of course!) :smiley:

Since a post i was going to make is very similar to this, i figured I’d just post it here.

Today, a friendly little UPS truck pulled up and gave me a brand new Kris Holm seat with a blue stripe (as well as a bumper sticker). I just took it out for a spin and the handle is great and the seat is just too comfy.

I’m not sure that i want a new tire. I have no mountains to muni so i’m really kinda getting into trials. I’m also saving up for some new pedals, maybe i could check the bike shop…

Congrats on you recent uni upgrades, treepotato, sounds like you got a sweet ride goin on over there.