At last! My uni

ok guys, i got my uni today for my birthday and i love it! except i haven’t been able to ride it due to the torrential downpour today :angry: . but i hope to ride it, or more like learn how to ride it, tomorrow.

It’s a Torker 2005 DX 20"

and thanks for all the help in deciding what to get. i think i made a good decision.

Nice! Im getting my 24" '06 DX within the week.

So, have you been on a uni before? If so, what are you upgrading from?
Have fun!

So thats how you use the stand!!! i cant find the base part for mine, which is weird, i think i tossed it somewhere lol, it seems like everyone is getting new unis =p

I just got my Torker DX 06, its a beast =p have fun riding yours, im sure your gonna enjoy it emmensly

i c you got the old school one eh…how much coin did you drop on that little beauty?

thanks guys. actually i have never touched a uni, but i’ve always been really interested, so i’m really glad i have one now! Its my first uni ever.

yeah man, it took me a while to figure out how the stand works, but i got it now. The guys at my LBS didn’t even know how to work it. haha.

i dunno man, my parents got it for me for my birthday.

You went for the older DX! Good choice.

thanks Spudman. i think i’ll be really happy with it.

thanks for helping me make my decision. ur input helped a lot.