At Last! Got Giraffe!

yee haw!

at last i got myself a nice giraffe for £109 including p&p

thanks e-bay!

now all i need are some tips!

whats the easiest way of getting on the thing? straight up or walking mount? its got a quick release saddle so im thinking of lowering it then as i get better at getting on it i’l raise it up and up until its in a better position? what do you guys think of this?

it’s a 5 footer but i was thinking of putting a new tyre on it since its only a 1’75? maybe a primo or a hookworm? cant decide!!



Maxxis Hookworm tyres are the best if you’re riding outside. :slight_smile:

Re: At Last! Got Giraffe!

Foozy, I bet you can help this guy out!


i already use a maxxis hookworm on my nimbus and have found it to be very good for all surfaces i’ve tried. i will only be riding around on road on the giraffe tho. maybe the worm is the way to go? the primo wall tyre looks good too.

i think the stand up mount would be the best way to learn.

cant wait for it to arrive now its gona be ages tho!!

its a qu-ax, does anyone on here own one?
would it need a chain tensioner?

The problem with the Primo tyre for road riding is that it’s usually white or some color like blue or red. When it gets dirty, it looks disgusting. The black hookworm just looks slightly grayish if it’s dirty. If you can get the black Primo, it should be just as good.