Astronaut was a unicyclist

National Public Radio is reporting that one of the astronauts who was lost in
today’s crash rode a six-foot giraffe and was an expert stilt-walker. He had
worked as an acrobat in a circus at one time.

It is a very small world. We have things in common with so many people who seem
so very different. Perhaps he posted to this newsgroup…

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

David M Brown

It’s in his bio:

i once met an old astronaut in the street and he stopped for a while and talked about unicycling with me for a while. he was impressed by my sketcky gliding

i know this is a very sad matter, but i found it funny that they put “7 foot unicyclist”. this implies that he was 7 feet tall as well as a unicylist. anyways, God bless them all and their families, Kevin

It is sad. But this sort of detail puts into perspective that people in the news, and people with glamorous jobs and so on, are people just like us. It’s easy to forget that.

On the basis that any unicyclist must have a sense of humour, I guess he’d forgive me for remarking that there are no recorded instances of former astronauts dying in unicycle accidents. Moral: stick to what you know.