Assover Teakettle

hey everybody,

I just wanted to tell everybody that assover teakettle was so much fun and there were 6 unicyclist there.It was lots of fun , i placed 2nd and one 15$ hehe

ya so if anybody is interested in coming out next year then let me know ( kirs holm should be there again )

laid her ,


Re: Assover Teakettle

Who were the other unicyclists that attended the comp? How did they do?
Would’ve been there if I hadn’t broken my cranks…


hey dylan

all the other unicyclists were my crew ( royal riders ) and there is six of us.

but if more ppl come next year i get to desighn my own unicycle course .:smiley:

i woulda… sadly i ruined my last pair of cranks the day before… Damn… i really gotta get somthin’ tougher