Assover Teakettle

hey everybody,

if there are any unicycists that live in victoria , nanimo , mill bay or any were on van island theres a bike trials event next weekend (april 26th ) and if anybody is interseted in goin then that would be sweet.

more info if ur unterested

Unibrow where ya from? I’m headin’ out to the island … tomorrow and will hopfully compete in sport on my bike in ass over tea kettle… maybe bring ma uni… by the way i’m stayin in nanaimo

o sweet

well the event is at kerry park and i live in shawnigan lake so i could even ride my uni there if i wanted to but i heard rumours that if i get enough unicyclists together then they will have a straight unicycle compo

aboots how many riders on the island… Dylan and Corey Grobe are the only 2 other i know…

Re: Assover Teakettle

Greg Moore, Lauren Lee(my GF), there are probably a bunch of other unknown
riders, just waiting to break out…


I’m in Victoria, but I am a long long way from being able to MUni. I am still working on the basics.

Hey Dylan… Up for a ride? I’m only on the island for 10 days… starting the 18th

Re: Assover Teakettle


I dont have a ridable uni…
If my profiles get here I’ll contact you.
Probably on here.