Assembling a municycle


i am buying a Qu-Ax 24" Muni in a few months and dont know if i need any tools/incredible skill to assemble a unicycle. I am new to this as i bought my first uni already built from a friend.

thanks for any help you can give me


You shouldn’t need to do any major assembly.

As far as I know, you only usually have to attach the frame to the wheel, the seatpost and seat into that, and put the pedals in (pump the tyre up).

Basic tools like allen keys and spanners are usually what you need.

Is “spanner” the english word for an adjustable wrench? Just wondering.

Not necessarily adjustable, but yeh.

Yes, spanner = wrench :smiley: us silly english ay? haha

God your such a:

I keep my spanners in the boot of my car.

For those across the pond, that translates to “I keep my wrenches in the trunk of my automobile.”

you will most likely need:

4,5,6,8 mm allen keys
10 and 14mm spanners

Unis from UDC come with comprehensive insturctions. About the only thing you can get really wrong is putting the wheel backwards in the frame. Make sure that the pedals L/R marking is the same as on the crank you fix it to, and that your right foot ends up on the right pedal.

UDC also threw in a couple tools with my last order (Nimbus ISIS), so everything I needed was right in the box. Perhaps they do this when you buy a uni from them now?

The only problem is the tools are cheep :wink:

Yeh the pedal wrench i got with my giraffe bent when I tried to undo my pedals :astonished: . :roll_eyes:

haha I’ve bent decent smanners trying to remove jammed pedals

It is assembled you fool! :roll_eyes: it isnt supposed to have another wheel, -thats why they call it a unicycle…

I’m pretty sure we call them cars too…:stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a link from UDC…it’s a guide on how to contruct an Qu-ax :slight_smile: