asking for gliding tip

Hello gang,
I really really REALLY want to learn this skill cause it would make my life easier going downhill while I MUni with my MTB friends. It gets tiring to squirrel down the hill while all my bike friends are effortlessly gliding down. :roll_eyes:
SO, I have looked at the how-to videos at this forum and such(those guys makes it look so EASY!) I want to know if my method would work. While I ride slightly downhill on road, I would simply take my feet off the pedal to ‘glide’ for few seconds before I have to ‘run-through.’ Would this work if I practice enough or should I learn other skills first(like WW). Thanks

You should definitly learn wheelwalking first, IMO. Other wise it would take you forever to learn gliding.

Keep in mind that gliding is hard to do on steep hills with any kind of turning or bumps, such as you would find while muniing.

You’d better learn the ww first with two feet. Then with one foot. Then practice the 1-foot ww, until you can do it really well. Because when you can walk the wheel with one foot, it’s not far from gliding, though it still isn’t that simple! :smiley: I haven’t even managed to get so far with my 2-feet ww, but I think this gradual practicing is the best way to learn gliding. That’s how I’ll try to learn it some day… :slight_smile:

even when u learn gliding on regular ground or hills man itll still be tougher to do it on trails.

and when going from a 1 ft ww to glide, what ever foot your gonna put on the frame, make sure the other is on the tire so it holds the tire in place. then do like 1 or 2 kicks and hold it on the tire. hard to explain.