Ask the Unicycle Expert


For the next few weeks, is featuring me as a Recreation Expert, on a
web site that’s aimed at kids and careers. You can ask questions of the various
“experts”, and a list of questions and answers are later posted for all to read.
My page is up today. To see it, you’ll need to type in a username and password.
Both are “unicycle” (cool, huh?). Questions and answers will probably be posted
in a week or two. Now’s your chance to ask!

Go to, and press the Student button, then login.

How did I get into this? They contacted me. It sounded like a nice vehicle for
spreading useful information about unicycling, so I bit. I had to write a bio,
and later will have to write answers to the questions that come in. Maybe I’ll
share some of them with the newsgroup for better answers, letting the whole
cyber-unicycle world get involved!


John Foss, the Uni-Expert-Cyclone