Asia Pacific Unicycling Convention in Hong Kong

If you live in Asia or the Pacific or would just like to visit Hong Kong anyway,
Hong Kong is pleased to propose the next Asia Pacific Unicycle Championship. Hooray!

It’s a two-and-a-half-day programme, being a Friday arrival and evening dinner event, all-day Saturday hockey tournament and all-day Sunday track and field, with a formal/social closing event in the evening.

The dates are: 21-23 August 2009.

How is that for you? (without making an absolute commitment)
We have the basic facilities booking in place, the commitment as hosts, and expect to go ahead with this date, but if everyone says '“naah”, of course we’ll re-think. Cheap accommodation at a single site is being negotiated, and we are asking for a contribution towards the basic costs of the event, keeping it as low as possible.)

So far, I believe South Korea and Australia are heading over as are Singapore (whoohoo).

For more information, drop me an email at onewheeler [at] and I’ll get you in touch with the appropriate people.

mmmm must resist urge to fly to hongkong again!

Great!!! What’s a good news!!

Cave in to the urge. Cave in!

It’s not THAT expensive.

It will be about a thousand dollars to fly there return. If I go, I will probably bring my 36 and be selling it there if anyone is interested in a one of a kind coker.

If it was one week after or before UNICON I would go… But the fky would cost about 2500US to Hong Kong for me! Already spent too much for NZ :frowning:

Ah we’ll have one every year from now I’m sure. Good reason to head to Asia.

And actually, NZ to HK is actually not that cheap if I’m not mistaken. I’m in Singapore and it’d cost something to the tune of US$1100 for me. Which is expensive because a flight to NY would cost like $750?

Bumping this up for more shameless publicity.

Hey y’all.

Looking forward to seeing you here in Hong Kong for APUC 09. Thanks to Singapore for kicking off APUC in 2007. We are excited to pick up that baton and guarantee a fun and uni-tastic time here in August. (And yes, there will be a relay race!)

If you want to come and haven’t yet confirmed, even if you are still finalising numbers, please let us know asap:




We’ve got photos up on Flickr

There’s also a writeup somewhere on my blog if anyone’s interested -

Scroll a few posts down.

Any results?

I really want to go to these, especially since there are so many familiar faces. I really hope the next unicon is in Korea!

The next APUC will be in Korea in 2011.

Australia won the unicycle hockey tournament, beating Korea with a goal separating them if I’m not mistaken.

I haven’t got the results to the rest but am sure Martin will fill us in on it soon enough.