Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival

Formally known as the “Southeast Mountain Unicycle Festival” this can be the official thread, from here on, for discussion regarding this event. I’ll start off by providing a link to my write-up about this year’s event that was held over the weekend of September 25-27:

Big thanks to everybody who had a part in putting on this year’s, third annual, event! :smiley:

Great write up! I’ll post my fb album here again too:

And be sure to paste the co-champion tag in your signature for your mandatory bragging!

It was a good time, even with a “a little rain”. I especially liked watching the kids learn to ride the giraffe; my son wants one now :roll_eyes:

I wish we could have rode with the group, but we had some complications and missed the group rides. Hope to catch up with some folks to ride over the winter.

Hey Munisano, sorry we couldn’t hang out more, maybe we can get together and ride in Chattanooga some weekend?

Oh I sense a Raccoon Mountain MUni Weekend coming! I’ve been hinting to Asheville crew that they should come down my way and hit up the area. They won’t be dissappointed. Let’s put our heads together and come up with a mutually agreeable time to meet up at Raccoon Mountain?

I’m in, just pick a weekend, hopefully a dry one.

How about a weekend before the time change? I think it’s around Halloween.

I’d be up for that.:smiley:

How about the weekend of Oct. 24-25th? Halloween (Saturday) day I have to help with a local race, but I suppose I could ride Sunday Nov. 1st? What is the consensus? Oh and after last weekend, who’s afraid of a little rain? :roll_eyes:

Yeah, i could do Oct 24/25. Anyone else?

I’m planning on sometime the weekend of Oct 24th-25th. I’m waiting to here from a friend from Decatur, GA who wants to ride (along with his friend). I’ll post to here when I pin down which day. Rain or Shine! :slight_smile:

Alright boys and girls. I’m still pretty sore after running 100 miles through the Flint Hills of Kansas last weekend, but I’ll be good to go for a ride soon!

The date is October 24th at 8:00 a.m. (eastern).

Since sunrise isn’t until around 8 a.m. anyhow there is no reason to meet before then. Let’s just aim to meet at around 8 a.m. so that by the time we’re ready to roll it should be light enough to ride. Here is a pretty good map of the area:

If look on there and follow the “TVA Access Rd” down and to the left where it T’s into the reservoir perimeter road you’ll see a small lollipop pull out on the left just before the T. That is one of the main parking areas for the trail system. Let’s try and meet there. If the lot is full there are several other places we can park, but let’s just try and meet there for starters.

Rain or shine, I’m looking forward to this!

One last bump.
If anybody has been looking at this thread and wanted to join us at Raccoon Mountain on October 24th. Be advised that we’ve decided to push back the time to 10:00 a.m. Eastern.

I wish I could make it out for this but sat. off will be hard to pull right now. I hope you guys have fun and get pics and such. I’m definitly looking foward to the century at the silver comet though…see ya…

How was the riding at Raccoon Mountain? Which trails did you like the best? I occasionally travel to Nashville and have thought about bringing my muni along and doing some riding nearby.

Sorry I haven’t posted. Was going to wait until I had photos/video available. Me and “hitarock” from Decatur, GA met up and we rode the entire trail system, every trail. The fall foliage was superb! Reds, oranges and yellows were spectacular! I didn’t have a GPS but I’m pretty sure we rode at least 19 miles in around 5 hours. We took frequent breaks and as there is quite of bit of interesting natural trials lines we would hit those up as well. Hitarock took a ton of picts/video so I’ll get that up on a seperate thread when it’s ready. IMHO this is the best trail system in the SE (outside of North Carolina of course :wink: ). And it is only getting better as more sections of trail are being added. I highly recommend this place for a road trip to ride to. You won’t be dissappointed! The general layout is a large loop around Raccoon Reservoir, the basic loop is all pretty tame but there are offshoots that leave the main loop and lead to really buff single-track and then re-connect with the main loop. So this is a great place for all ability levels as you can pick and choose what to ride. More later. Here is a link to more information about Raccoon Mountain:

Sounds like some great riding and scenery. I look forward to seeing photos/video.

Hate to cross post, but the video I put togther from Hitarock’s raw footage called: Raccoon Mountain Unicycle Epic, is now over in the Unicycle Video forum:

Let’s let this current thread remain on topic for now on. I just thought I’d reply to here becuase some people asked and I brought up the video to begin with here (sorry :slight_smile: ).