As seen on TV

A couple of us were interviewed by the local news station.

The report has been slowly sliding down the page. Would its time on their page and position be due to the number of clicks it gets? How would that be set up, or just manually bumped around each day?

Shack, the reporter can actually ride on flat, but the trail was a bit much. We had a lot of fun.


Congratulations on your 105 seconds of fame. Was that the reporter actually riding part of the trail while speaking?

Thanx, yes he had a mic on. That was his third try. It was fairly steep in that area. I had loaned him a muni the week before so he could practice, at least on flat.

Very nice coverage! MUni is not all so dangerous as he made out though. :slight_smile:

Also, that bit of trail looks like a lot of fun!