As cool as a slightly warm cucumber

I found this on Google Image.


Supply was always going to outstrip demand for this device as soon as the first one was completed and the creator stood back for that first good look at what he had made…


(I just wonder which side was intended as the front and which as the rear. :thinking: )

I thought Google Image was intended for porn surfing.

This Thing is Pimp! it just needs some gold on it:P

This sort of thing?


the crucifix just makes that picture

if i’m not mistaken worth1000 is all about photoshop contests, so likely this isn’t real but just a nice photoshop.

At first glance it looks like a nice idea for a comfort/hi-rise unicycle. It wouldn’t work (comfort-wise) but it sure looks cool!

Isn’t the woman in the other image kind of a prude, wearing all that underwear & all?

This is correct. =p

If it was for real any old unicyclespotter would go like: Hey, where’s your other pedal!

yes given the brake caliper but no handle, and if you look closely the wheel has a sprocket with a chain wrapped on it , you are no doubt correct.

…and it’s magically balancing itself…

Of course I didn’t catch any of these facts at first!

And now I’m wondering about this unidentified rider I found doing a google search:

Isn’t it obvious? The brake calliper is automatically adjusted based upon the rotation of the wheel via the sprocket so as to compensate for the lack of the left hand crank. Otherwise, without the necessary resistance, it would be almost impossible to ride!


I didn’t notice the crucifix!

I have seen several photos of this uni that all look legit, i think it’s real, but would be a pain to ride if the boomerang is any example.

Last time I rode a boomerang it was a very smooth ride, and easy to turn and handle. Specially fun to wheelwalk on.

That one looks fun to try, but I doubt id be able to turn without putting in some effort.

You didn’t notice the crucifix? Gosh, then just what exactly were you paying attention to?