article on trials techniques


That was a very informative article by Scott the “Muniac”! Just 2 things I
thought I’d add/reinforce:

Good hopping technique during trials on a unicycle is somewhat different than
hopping on a pogo-stick. Most of the time, the hops can be thought of as
adjustments within a still-stand, as opposed to bouncing. This mindset makes
each hop much more precise than springing up and down all over the place.

For drops, you can either drop with the seat out in front (gripping the side of
the seat) or between your legs. Seat-out-in-front drops are good if there is no
room to roll the wheel upon landing, such as when hopping down onto a boulder.
Most of the time, however, it’s more effective to drop holding the front of the
handle with the seat between your legs. In the latter case, the most important
thing is to get the wheel rolling upon landing!!! This will reduce the load on
the axle to a huge degree. I usually land with my back foot somewhat lower than
the front foot, and roll through the power position (horizontal), upon landing.
The video Evolve has a good illustration of what I mean by rolling through the
landing of a big drop (although the Muniac was right- there is only 1 minute of
Trials Uni in this video. However, the bike trials stuff is really inspirational
and gives good examples of what should be possible on a unicycle).



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