Article in Charlotte Observer

Was in NC a week ago, and as a unicyclist, I made an impression (don’t know if in a bad or good way!) on the family.
So they keep anything uni-related for our visits now.

This time, it was an article about Mark Schimmoeller, who travelled across the US about 20 years ago on a unicycle. What a challenge that must have been at a time when there were hardly any decent gear!

I couldn’t find any mentions of the guy on this forum, so here is the article:

Mark apparently wrote a book about the whole experience.

Love the frame !!! Looks good :slight_smile:

Another candidate for Revolution One: the missing files (the sequel of Revolution One :P)

A relative of ours gave me that book as a present, and I read it. While his ride was a remarkable achievement, I have to say the book really isn’t about unicycling. It’s more about his philosophical ramblings about his minimalist, back-to-nature lifestyle.

OK, this might explain a lot. :slight_smile:

Interesting to read that, particularly after the threads started lately by rem48 and Killian about the practicalities of long-distance unicycle trips. I suppose there’s a mind-set to it, putting aside your impatience and need to control your circumstances and know what’s coming next, that not everyone has. I doubt that I do.

And interesting also that the author identifies herself as a unicyclist, or maybe a former one.