Article in Adventum Magazine


Recently I wrote an article on muni for the literary outdoors magazine Adventum. Here’s a link if you want to check it out.

You’ll see that it’s an excerpt from a forthcoming book. More on that later…=)


very good!

Wow that’s awesome Kris! Can’t wait to get your book!


That’s so cool, I’m looking forward to the book.

Great! Will be great to read your book :smiley:

Great excerpt! Can’t wait to have the whole thing in my hands. :slight_smile:

I wonder about the attribution of that slickrock picture though. That doesn’t look like Amasaback to me. “Researching”, read: looking through old Moab pictures, shows you wearing that exact outfit in 2005 at the Slickrock Trail…

Could have been the same weekend =). It actually is Amasaback, near the top where there is a lot of slickrock off to the side of the trail.


Great to see Brew in that photo. A nice memory. :slight_smile:

Can hardly wait for the book.

Sooo sick! I can’t wait to read the book and learn how unicycling really came about!

Congrats Kris!!!

-Kevin Kartchner


Kris, when do you think the book will be coming out’?

Great article…

Looking forward to your book. I shared the article on facebook, I’ve got a number of friends that are now at that “I want to try it” phase. Out of my four uni’s only one is for lending out though, so maybe your article will inspire them to get their own!

The book should come out in late April. I got the first two copies last week and I’m really happy with how it turned out - instruction, some stories, and 250+ glossy full colour photos of muni and trials. There should be a book website online in March.


Will some of the first copies be signed? :sunglasses:

They’re coming from overseas so not through Vancouver…
Will likely be a launch party in Vancouver though…=)

Signed copy

Hey Kriss,
Would you sign one next time we ride? Pending on when that is.

I think the article is wasted on us - we’re already in love with unicycling. :smiley: