Article about Unicycle Glidecamming in EventDV magazine

Hey everyone, EventDV magazine is pretty big in the pro video world.

Sorry I tend to ramble when talking about what I do :slight_smile:

This was written when I was still going to film RTL

(On a side note, I am sponsoring a documentary of the race focusing on the girls in the event, and am sending her my Glidecam to help her make her film even better, so while I cannot film it, I am happy to know that it will be well documented)

here’s the article!


It was great to see that you included me in such a powerful interview:-) You know the content is interesting, when your given that much real estate in a quality magazine.
Keep up the great exposure.


That was a very nice article. As if I didn’t already want a glidecam enough.

Great interview Brian.

I can’t wait for the footage of RTL

luckily the article was written early enough to remove the RTL reference that I will not be filming.

also…how do you like the cover of the mag :slight_smile:

too bad there is a white. presumably the address section, box over the unicycle wheel…



Dude, that’s freaking awesome.