Arrow "wide bit" 24x3 dh tire

Does anyone have/use this tire for MUni? Since the “Intense” DH 24x3 (what I have now) has apparently been discontinued, I was wondering if anybody has tried the Arrow “wide bit” 24x3 dh tire for MUni. What is uncertain is whether it is a “true” 3" wide tire. Please click this link and read the specs, where it says the tire lists 3.0 on the sidewall, but actually measures 2.7.

Is this typical, in that pretty much all tires measure less when they are off the rim? I asked a rep at that website about it, and he said, “well, a manufacturer can put anything they want on the tire”. I found that odd. Wouldn’t that be false advertising?

I don’t think any tire is actually a true 3", although it depends on the width of the rim you have it on.

But yeah, I believe the Arrow Wide Bite is another good 3" tire, but I haven’t used it myself.

I have a Large marge 65mm rim. The only other tire I have is a duro 3.0, but I greatly prefer the Intense; it’s the perfect cross between the Duro and the gazz! I bought it used and after tons of riding it stilll has decent tread, but I’d sure like to have another one! :slight_smile:

Consumer Reports, which I read, would probably say yes to that. But tire diameters and widths are not exact. Diameters have less excuse, as they don’t change depending on rim width. Some are 3/4" different than what the tire says on it (like old Miyata tires, at approx. 23.35").

Width is very dependent on the rim you use, so tire manufacturers have more of an excues to “fudge” those numbers. But if a 3" tire barely reaches 3" wide on a Large Marge rim, which is way wider than what 99% of customers will use, then they’re definitely exaggerating.

So then I’m wondering now if the “static” width, which they say is less than stated on the tire, is basically the same for other tires, like the duro. I’ll search around and see what I find.

Hi Terry,

I can’t answer your original question, but I know that I’ve read here on the fora that others have used that tire. IIRC, it was compared by others to the tire you’re currently using–maybe even a rebadging of the Intense tire.

Arrow Wide Bite

I just got an Arrow Wide Bite 24X3. Unfortunately I have a broken leg so I am not going to be able to actually try it out for another month off road at least.

It looks like a quality tire. It seems to be the exact same size as the Duro. However it seems to have a squarer profile closer to the Gazz. I will update the forum as soon as I succede in riding again.

I would have stuck with the Duro but the price increase and shipping kind of ticked me off.


Tire resource

Go to . Or to and look for a poster there by the name of shiggy. He has the best real figures of mtnbike tires that I have seen.
From what I have seen, most tire companies “fudge” tire sizes. The comment on rim width also throws a wrench in the mix. I have Kenda Bluegrooves on a Mtnbike and the 2.7 on a LargeMarge becomes taller and more square than on a Rhinolte rim.

Just a heads up, you can have your local bike shop order the intense 24x3s from VSI while supplies last. You can find VSI’s contact info from the tire section on intense’ website. :slight_smile:

Very cool I’ll check with my LBS! Thanks!:slight_smile:

I got an Intense from AE Bike. They still may have some.

I got a 24X3" Widebite tire a few months ago because it looked to have a flatter profile than the Duro, from photos at the online stores.

In addition to my comments on it after my one and only ride on it, I would add that it is 72 mm (2.8") around accross the tread, has very tall sidewalls and has a huge amount of grip while accending/deccending in comparison to my 2.6" Kenda Kinetics. But as I mentioned in that thread, it’s rounder profile in comparison to my Kenda makes it twitchy at slow speed and sand.

I don’t do any drops yet, so I much preffer my Kenda.

Interestingly it turns more easily than my Kenda by pivoting at slow speed (too much for me). At moderat to high speeds it doesn’t turn well at all from pivoting, but does turn better than my Kenda by leaning at those higher speeds.

I only have my 2.6" Kenda to compare it too, on my 32 mm rim. The Widebite would likely have different handling characteristics on a wider rim, esp your LM.

Please post your opinions of the Intense in comparison to the Duro (and the Widebite if you get it) in that Muni tire thread.

that would be a god idea seing as you get “sponsership discount”

Isn’t the Arrow Wide Bite 24x3" just another name for the Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3"? This tyre has had several names in its lifespan.

Arrow Wide Bite

I can tell you that the Arrow Wide Bite is definetly a different tire than the Duro wildlife Leopard. It has more more of a square square profile. The threads are also totaly different. I know that the Halo conception is the same tire as the Duro. It is funny that very few of the tire companies have websites and give out information on the tires as Arrow racing does. They usually leave the distribution of information up to the distributors.