Arrow Racing tires

For the muni riders out there, give the Arrow Racing Wide Bite a try for your next tire. They hop almost as well as a Gazzalodi, but roll much better. The 24x3" tires come in medium and slow rebound durometers. I’ve used both and the slow rebound is a great tire for wet, steep , and rocky terrain. They don’t roll quite as fast as the harder durometer tire, but you won’t care while holding a narrower line through the rough stuff than you thought possible. They feature typical DH tire toughness and great pinch flat protection for those who like low psi and come in 24 and 26" sizes and a good selection of widths. I’ve been a bike shop geek for too many years to count and buy tires like some women buy shoes. These are some of the best muni treads out there.

I think that Gazza is better.
My Wide Bite falls out of rim when there is low pressure in tire and I jump much. Rim is 24" Onza.