Around the world trip with unicycle PART2

This is my around the world trip for a year :slight_smile:
I hope to everyone enjoy it.

Around the world PART2

Around the world PART1

Nepal Part

i’ve seen them already on FB, the second part ist the best unicycle video i’ve ever seen! congratulations!

Agreed :slight_smile:

that was amazing, hopefully I can do that one day

turtle, jojoxie,
Thank you very much!!:slight_smile:

Yes, you can do it! It is hard to carry unicycle with the another heavy backpack :stuck_out_tongue:

A W E S O M E ! ! !
I wanna do something like that some day…

That’s what I like. Videos from all around the world and unis in one. Great!

Already said, but I have to say it again … That was AWESOME !! … It must have been an amazing experience travelling to all those countries. I am jealous :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for comments :slight_smile:
Yes,actually I had a lot of so good experience. If there is not unicycle, my journey might be not so good. Unicycle helped me a lot for communication. especially far outback villages. Someday I will go to another around world trip again.

that was so cool

That was great. You obviously had a ball.