Around the block - Isaac Steiner


So a new short vid! “Around the block”. I was just riding aroung my neighborhood. So yeah, uhmm enjoy? (i hope).

Please leave a reply of how you liked it and all :slight_smile:



Be sure to watch it in “high quality” on youtube :slight_smile:


I liked it. I a little short though.
Keep up with the flat! Trials is evil! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice editing. The coasting was cool. When I first saw the title I thought it was a vid with your kh 36er

Thanks, yeah it wasn’t supposed to be a long video.

And trials isn’t evil, but flat isn’t either, everything is cool :slight_smile:

Thank Zachary. Coasting is so much fun, yeah! Yeah it could be confusing about the title, haha.

Thanks though :slight_smile:

That was really cool, I liked it more than I have some of your other videos.

once my knee is better we should for sure do a call out sometime.

Thanks Miles :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure, just let me know when. Except you have an advantage when it comes to the winter time, i’m riding in a gym all the time :wink:

Thanks Amanda. Yeah the title and end was kinda long for the video length, but oh well. I’m glad you liked it still :slight_smile:

nice ridding
you should compile all your vids

Sick doubleflip. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Surfer said, I thought it was gonna be a 36 video too :stuck_out_tongue:

Great vid, great riding.

Nice video, I think you just inspired me to learn the tire step over thing.

Lol dude, do it.

Sweet vid.

Thanks for the comments so far.

Any tips for the future?

were a helmet you don’t want to look like fraggle.

That is him in his avatar right;)


EditX2: oh man you did were a helmet in to stupid :stuck_out_tongue: