Around the Bay in a Day 2008

I don’t know if this has been posted here before but for those who are interested Bicycle Victoria have allowed unicycles to participate in the Around the Bay 50 km option. A few of us on 36’s will be attending.

Entry and more details available here:


Entries close next Friday 10/10/2008.

Over 15000 entries so far, should be massive!

How many unis?

cool, thanks for the reminder! I’m hoping to make it.

Are you guys meeting for the start at a certain time between 8.00-8.45? I’d be catching the train down in the morning from country Vic.

I’ll be at the start before 8am but if you need more time to get the train in I would be happy to wait for you.

Don’t know how many uni’s yet, should be four to six if the usual suspects turn up.

Just registered for the 50km, cool. Fingers crossed the train to Melb that morning runs on time :slight_smile:

Had a good ride yesterday. A few pics:

The river at the starting line

Heading over the Westgate Bridge with cyclists in front of me about to be passed

The view from the bridge.

It’s me:

hey cool pics Matt!

I had a fun time on the Bike Around the Bay ride, was the first time I’d ridden in the city or urban environment and with other riders too. Looks like there was about 16,273 cyclists in total and 2 unicycles! Crazy stuff, especially at the start.

It was my first longer ride on the 36 too, really enjoyed it, especially motoring up the Westgate bridge past all the pushies :stuck_out_tongue:

More uni’s in the event next year would be great!


Nice pic Pete. Can’t wait for next year. Hopefully we might be able to do some of the longer ride options, although I don’t think I could make it the whole way around the bay.

Those unicycles look great ( a green Nimbus??). I better look at the calender for next year. Melbourne is a great place so the ride looks like it was good fun.

Hey, cool pics. Sounds like a fun event !