armor still needed in front of my house


I was out front of my house testing the new 28’er, this afternoon. At first, I thought, it’s just on the block, I won’t crash, I don’t need any “pro”.

But, at the last minute, I put on my wrist guards and helmet, just in case. After 10 minutes, I dumped it when I misjudged going down a driveway. I flew off hands spread eagled and my wrist guard slid on contact and I managed to roll out of the rest of the spill.

I have minor road rash on my left knee and left elbow. My left wrist has a little bit of pain, but I think it will be okay.

I was glad I put on the minimum amount of “pro”. Wearing the leg armor would have helped

You never now when you will dump it. :astonished:


Yep I’ve hit my head twice freestyling and glad of the helmet.

Friday I was riding backwards smooooth as pie, ran into a traffic cone, and did a backwards somersault. You never know when it’s coming.

I’ve left 2m long plastic tracks (if I could see them) on the pavement with my wristguards too.

Hello Munieer…I used to use the wrist guards until I messed up my right wrist real bad…Now I just wear the fingerless leather gloves. But I wear a helmet and the elbow and shin guards…I was wondering how you like the 28" compared to the 24" or the 20" unicycles…Uni-On…Keith:)

what do they say about 90 something % of all accidents happening close to home… I had too much stuff in my hands to carry the uni, so I decided I’d ride it from the car to the door. I was quickly reminded that I still need to go get some shin guards, preferably something that covers the back of the leg. Those nice new Wellgo B-27s (meat tenderizers) that I put on last week had their way with the front of my left shin (and not in a good way) as I lost my balance with all the grociery bags in my hands.

Oh well. At least the eggs didn’t break, but that first beer was pretty well shaken. :roll_eyes:

I hope you bought bandaids too!


My only experience with unicycles is having started on a 20" and rode that for a few months and then moved to a 24" MUni, which I have ridden for most of the last year. I have never ridden a stock 24". The 20" is great for freestyle and nut much good for getting around, IMHO, the wheel is just too small for my needs in that respect.

The 24" MUni is great for off road and climbing with its 170mm cranks. It is really slow for going around the neighborhood, though I do take it for spins at night for light urban trials.

Having now ridden the 28" uni, it seems like it’s a great all-around comprimise between the above mentioned unis.
The narrow tire, higher psi, and the increased diameter give you a decent vehicle to get around town, say a mile or two, maybe three. The increased speed isn’t breath taking, but it is faster than the MUni with the long cranks. I had it built with a really tough wheel, so I can ride it off curbs and up as well and I can hop on it without worrying about tacoing the wheel. This makes it just that much more fun to ride. I haven’t taken it up any hills nearby, but I was told it climbs quite well due to the decreased wheel mass when compared to a 24" with GAZZ. I may eventually add a nobby tire to it.

The 28’er is surprisingly nimble and with the 700 x 35C tire it is also a soft ride.

I would like to go a little lower on the cranks on the 28". Currently I have 150’s on them, but would like to try 140’s.

Keep in mind, that my time on the 28" is really limited. At this point, a little less than 1 hour.

I have never ridden a Coker, mainly due to fear of going really fast on a Unicycle and finances. But, it seems that the Coker would really let you cover some ground as so many prefer on this trusty steed.

One last point. I really noticed that my hips want to pull to the right when I ride the 28". I have tried many things to eliminate this. The advice that I have received is just to ride on it until my body adjusts to the new and different setup. That’s what I am doing now. If you get a 28" or any other new unicycle, this may happen to you. It’s just supposed to be part of New Unicycle Syndrom or NUS.