arm strength

does arm strengrth make a big differenece in hopping and usispinning ect?

i.e., would working out improve my hopping height and speed of my unispins and other tricks?

I don’t think it would make much of a difference to hopping. It would porobably help unispins just like a lighter unicycle helps. But I think going out and practicing would help alot more that working out.

Yeah practicing will not only improve the strength in the exact area you need but also its practice so it will improve you technique aswell.

You should focus on core strength exercises, calf rises, squats, and seated rows.

Equally, if not more helpful is practicing hopping. As you ride anywhere hop up and down curbs. Side, fron, and rolling hops.

Make a box slightly taller than half your max (ie. max = 20" box = 12") and just do reps of hopping up and down the box. Try to get 30 hops w/o any prehops. Practice hands off, SIF, and seat in. Become equally proficient w/ either hand or foot forward.

Make a couple of boxes w/ different hieghts (since you can’t jump as high hands off or seat in). You can make slight adjustments w/ planks of wood or pallets

George Peck demonstrates this in his videos in Universe 2 extras and Wheel of Justice.


Well the best workout would be to ride your uni :wink: Ohh and I found an actual pic of Mornish everytime he logz into the forums…

yea just ride yer uni…
ive gained 4 pounds of muscle in a little over 3 weeks of riding about 1 to 3 hours a day avg… better work out then any lifting ive ever done

I would have to agree there too. I’ve been racing BMX with my kids for a few years. Riding the uni frequently for the last few months has made more of a difference than the bicycles ever did. 15 pounds… gone… and much better tone and definition in the legs. :slight_smile: