Arm positioning in muni...

I’ve noticed recently that when cruising along doing muni my free arm is usually out to the side. As I speed up however, it begins to come around until it’s facing to the front and pointing to where I’m travelling. This also happens when hill climbing. When doing technical stuff my arms goes everywhere.

Rockley, one of my muni buddies, offered what I reckon is a really interesting explanations for this. He suggested that when travelling normally there’s more need for side to side correction of balance so the arm is out that way. When you speed up, the arm goes in front because it becomes easier to balance side to side and you need to focus more on the forward and backward balance. It’s like riding a bike, how generally when you speed up it becomes easier to balance side to side. When hill climbing you need to focus a fair bit of forward and backward balance too. That’s his explanation and I reckon it makes a lot of sence.

I found it interesting anyway.


P.S. I’ve been doing heaps of exams, assignments, and study lately and haven’t been able to unicycle much at all. This morning I went out for a magnificent muni ride and did a new track that I’d only done on my bike before. I had an awsome time…I love muni!

I think he’s probably right… this is something I’ve noticed recently too. I think my frame is slightly twisted or something, as I always come back with my right leg aching more than the left. When going slowly I ride along with arms to the side, but when going quicker I tend to twist around to the right, with my left arm pointing forwards.

I’ve just moved down to Yeovil, where the unicycling terrain is much better than Lincoln… only the garage door lock has broken, and I can’t get at the unis until we can get a locksmith in. Aaargh!


my right arm is always my free arm thoe im right handed

once i reach 15+ Mph my arm goes out front also for balance and for that ever present UPD and 20 Mph down hill on chip and seal

when im rideing ruff treain and need the mobility for quick pivoits and turns it will be to the side and swung forwars or backwards as nescesery. rince later repet

Re: Arm positioning in muni…

It seems to me that logically the explanation would be the opposite to this. Your arm acts like a sort of counterweight when it is extended. If you hold it extended to the side, it will offer you forwards and backwards balance correction, and if you hold it to the front it would give you side to side correction. That is just my guess, and I think you can correct balance from any angle, and probably do forwards, backwards, and side to side corrections with your arms in either position. When travelling normally, I often extend my leg out the front, but not often my arm. I think forwards and backwards is mostly controlled by your body’s leaning angle, and your pedalling speed. The flapping/flailing of your arms might also help but they are not the main method.