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 i know that most people that do muni get leg armour instead of arm armour. i have done a few muni rides and i seem to usually land on my arms. i just recently was on a muni ride and fractured my right radial head, just by my elbow. not a big fracture. when i saw the x-ray i couldn't find it without the doc showing me. anyway, does anyone have a preference between the 661's and the roach arm armour? pros and cons much appreciated. thanks, guys and gals.

the one-armed, one-wheeled cynic,

also, does anyone know if the 661 wrist wraps have plastic inserts in them and how durable they are?


I couldn’t find an answer when I was deciding on armour, but I knew the roaches were tried and true, so I went with them. My philosophy is don’t risk your health, at any price. I also reccomend getting both the leg and arm armour. I use both for muni and they’ve saved me many a scrape and possibly some fractures. I also use the leg armour for trials, uni basketball, and the occasional bout of demolition derby. The raoch leg pads have saved me at least 3 fractured tibias, from failed ups, and the knee part has made it so falls that would make me walk instead of ride have just been minor inconveniences. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter which brand you get although you should get leg AND arm armour. Also, remember, nethier brand is better if you don’t wear 'em.

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I use the 661 arm/elbow pads and they seem to have worked for at least a few “roll-outs” from crashes… I don’t know if they would be best if you landed on rocks though… I guess it’s a compromise between the full-on protection of some of the hard-shell Mountainbike Downhill type guards and the lighter weight guards that are a little more comfortable to ride in… also if you’re “Big-Armed Tex” the 661 fit a little tight (I have size Large, I don’t have Schwarzenegger sized pipes, and they fit pretty snug around my arm)…

Sure sorry to hear about your break, Aj. How long is it going to keep you off the new KH?
I don’t usually wear any arm armor, but I sure wish I would have had it on when I hit the street yesterday. But that was just a dumb stunt. I sometimes wear elbow guards in cooler weather when rock riding. So far my arms have been the least injured part of my body. When you and I rode I don’t think you were wearing wrist guards. I think these are absolutely the most important piece of equipment (aside from a helmet) because when you have your hands and wrists protected, you will automatically use them to save the rest of your body from damage. With unprotected hands, one tends to use forearms and shoulders to take some of the impact. That’s my personal observation anyway. If you were wearing wrist guards when you got hurt, disregard what I said, and maybe it will help someone else.
I just got my second pair of Harbinger gloves last week, and already wore a big chunk out of the plastic splint on yesterday’s crash.


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Your KH muni misses you, but, I think it still enjoyed the 2+ hour ride we took thru Walnut Creek park today; I know I did!
Thanks for the loan (but next time please don’t break your arm).


They do have plastic inserts but they are quite small bits. They certainly feel quite rigid but are flexible enough to use while riding a mountain bike. I am thinking of going back to my old skating ones for MUni and just using the 661s for cycling.

Nick looks like a fairly detailed review.


Hi Duane

Thanks for the review. I had honestly forgotten that I also asked about the wristwraps. I think I’ll keep looking. I’m glad you enjoyed the muni ride. I got Eric to order me the Roach arm pads so I will off roading in a week or so. Damn the cracked elbow. Damn it to a firey two-wheeled hell!!! This just means you’re gonna have to order yourself a KH. That would be cool. Later.


sale sale

there is a sale on the 661 armour not sure what the site now but if you go on my pad/freestyle/muni/trials or some thing like that thread there is a link