arm and leg padding for 9 year old

my brother is 9 and has just started to do a little off road. he needs padding though so I dont know what to get him, he tried my large six six one arm guards for his legs and they go up too high obove his ankles. and the small leg guards from sixsixone are way to big for him based on the mesurements. any ideas??

I would us soccer shin guards and separate knee pads. Add some wrist guards or a glove with some wrist wrap for some support. I have looked for small combo pads for my 6 year old daughter and haven’t found any good options.


well the peoblem is that he is sooo worried about looking like a doofus. so he would rather have something like sixsixone type things. any other thoughts?? doesnt roach make some preatty small ones??

I’ve heard of kids using the arms for shin/ knee protection. I have no idea what size would fit but its deffenatlly been done before. You might want to ask Nathan Hoover about this one.


9 y.o. pads

My wife recently purchased some bmx all-in-one shin and knee pads that fit my scrawny ten yr. old just fine. Unfortunately I’m at work:D and it’s too late to call home or I’d tell you the brand, but they were purchased at a local bike shop, and are much lighter and more flexible at the knee than the 661’s, but the protection is still plenty adequate for a child. If I remember, I’ll post the brand name tomorrow.

My 8 year old uses Roach elbow pads on his legs. He thinks they look really cool, and they fit well.


Your 9 yr old brother is afraid of looking stupid? Tell him to toughen up!

If people tell him he looks like a doofus, they are probably going to be referring to the unicycling part. But it is quite obvious that unicyclists don’t look like doofi.


how tall is he?? my bro is about 4’ 8" so would that work? and how much were the roaches??

If the little guy is already 4’ 8", then the adult Roach arms on his legs trick won’t work. Beau did that once when he was 9, but he was smaller - more like 4’ 6" I think. I recommend you call Ingrid at Roach direct and ask her to make custom ones if you really want nice ones. Beau got a pair of custom-length Roach armor when he was almost 10 and a pair of KH armor (also custom length) when those were used up (age 11 1/2). I got them a little large hoping they’d last for a couple of years.

Other than that, try some soccer shin-guards possibly with some small kneepads.


protection for a 9 y.o.

The name of the pads we have is PRYME. They are sold at our LBS, and were not that expensive. These are the knee/shin protectors. My kids prefer them to the 661’s. (lighter,cooler and more flexible at the knee) I think they’re a one-size-fits-all for youth from his age to early teens.

I’m not sure. He’s at school and I’m at work now :slight_smile: I’m sure Nathan’s right about this though. My son just turned 8, and he’s on the smallish side.