Arkansas Unicycling News

FYI… I thought I’d throw this bit of Arkansas news out there for people to digest.

There is a group of 8-12 unicyclists that have been getting together weekly for a couple of months now. Yikes! Unicyclists actually exist in Arkansas!

We’ve been meeting at the tennis courts at Tyndall Park in Benton, AR on Mondays at 7pm. This may change as it gets colder.

We have a facebook page to help people connect:

Most of the regulars can ride and a few people are jumping on and over things. The group is split 60/40 male/female and a similar split exists for age (over 30, under 20).

I’ve recently messaged a few people on this website that appear to live in the “area” so hopefully our network can grow.


Oh sure, there are unicyclists there now that I moved back north! :wink:

What’s your opinion of Okies?

Finding people is the hard part! I’ve lived here almost ten years and have only found one person to juggle with occasionally and no one that unicycles. Yesterday we had five of us riding around the River Market area which was lots of fun.

Okies are generally tolerable :slight_smile: Let us know when you are over this way and we’ll get together.