Arizona Unicycling

Hey everyone!

Well, I just got back from Arizona, and I have a new video to show you!
It was shot in Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, AZ. It is long, but keep watching-- there are some parts I think you will all enjoy.

This video also includes my newest drop record (3 feet) off the table, near the end of the video.

All comments are greatly appreciated, but most importantly: enjoy!


EDIT: Hrm… maybe it would help if I add the link?

Grrr… that link didn’t work, so here is a new one!

But what if the new one doesnt work either?

Uhh… I have no clue.

The new one works now.

Good riding :smiley:

You need to practise more :wink:

if you’re gonna tell him he needs to practice more at least tell him what he needs to practice. I’m sure when he posted this video he wasn’t expecting some kid to go and tell him he’s not good enough.

ben, great video and congratulations on your drop of 3 ft. It’s pretty cool that you’re getting sif now. I’ve seen alot of improvement from your videos. keep up the good work!

Hey ben, I live in scottsdale where you were riding. I ride MUni across the way from the desert botanical gardens over at papago and hole in the rock. I also ride down at the wedge skate park, you probably saw that too since it’s right down the street. Infact I think I might have even have saw you since no one ever rides a unicycle down there, and I saw someone your size riding. But he had a buddy with him so I dunno. My avatar picture is from that same area. =)

good work mate. you should to do unispins, they’re fun.
nice seatdrop and drops.

you’re so small haha, how old are you?
nice video

nice video cogratz on the 3 ft drop and nice set drops


Hey, Adam, I didn’t see the skatepark, but now I wish I did. I had my little sister with me while I was riding a lot of the time, so that might be who you saw. My Grandma lives out in Scottsdale, so I will probably be back again later this year or next year. I’ll try to get in touch with you when I do get out there.

Thanks for all the comment, guys!

ok sorry :thinking: no offence ment

He’s small for his age, I think 14

Yeah, 14.

Dude, good riding, I’ll have to post another video of me,to keep up with the amount of videos everyone is making, I just went and watched all your youtube vids and your getting alot better. work on your hop height then you can start hopping up onto stuff and then hopping down, I’m going to definately get some filimg done next week (mid week or something) then I’ll let you all laugh at my bails and such! anyway great riding Ben! keep at it (how long have you been riding by the way, I can’t remember)

I learned to ride in August, so I guess it has been about 7 months already!

That’s really good for only 7 months Great job man!