Arizona MUni Weekend 2.15-2.18

Come join us in Phoenix for our 5th AZ Muni Weekend. Challenging trails & great company! Check out the webpage for more information.

Hi All,

I’m really looking forward to this! This will be my first chance to ride with anyone. We are coming down from Calgary, AB to visit my grandparents, and happened to choose the correct week to do so. Lucky timing!

While my grandparents do have a vehicle that I could probably use to commute, it would leave them and my wife and kids without while I’m gone. I’m hoping there is someone who lives nearby, or will be driving by, that is willing to stop and pick up a lonely Canadian rider.

I will be staying in Apache Wells (North Nicklaus Drive to be exact). I’d be willing to help out with some gas money, or maybe even bring down an [insert item that is available in Canada, but not down there].


If i am able to get off work those days i can give you a ride if you are staying where i think you are. Is apache wells by higley and mcdowell?

I wish I could be there for this event. It sounds great. I look forward to hearing how it all went.

Good luck with this!!!

That is correct my good man. I’ll send you a PM. Good luck getting the time off, say you have a few appointments to better your health (hopefully not make it worse…).

I’m going. Should be fun as usual!

Do you know of anyone who might be going by the north end of Mesa on their way to the ride? If I can find a ride, things will be a lot easier for my wife et al.

I noticed that the addresses for the rides are on the website, but I can’t find any information about what time we will be meeting.

Does anyone know the times of the rides?

Hey, i won’t be able to help out on saturday. I might be able to on sunday though. Ill let you know when i know

The time of the ride is about 45 minutes after the time of the ride. But it looks like times are updated now: 7PM Friday basketball, 9AM Saturday South Mountain, 10AM Sunday Phoenix Mountain Preserve, 9AM Monday more riding.

See y’all there!