Arimane - Playground

Some unicycle and juggling… nothing special, hope you like it =)

Arimane - Playground

very nice i liked it :slight_smile:

Two of my favorite FZ cuts for sure! Heck, anything off Zoot Allures or Apostrophe is OK with me.

Oh, nice riding/juggling too!

Three Things

1)More unicycling, less juggling!:smiley:

2)Those cranks are relatively hard to stand on. I don’t think I could do crankrolls on them without grip tape. That has me beat, I have to use crank arms that are more square-shaped.

3)That hill at the end was awfully steep for a stand-up glide :astonished:

That was awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve watched any juggling videos, and to see it combined with unicycling is a treat. Really liked the 5 cascade while standing up on the crown… killer skills !!! Nice…

Thanks everybody =)

nimble, I’ll do a only-uni vid, don’t worry… here I tried to mix a bit, I had something sperimental to say to the community of uni-jugglers =)

The cranks yes, are not the best. I’m gonna take kh 110 with rollo disk soon

the hill wasn’t too steep at all… the opposite. I had difficoult taking speed, usually do with steeper hills. But it was all full of holes, and stones =D

Zappa rulez :sunglasses:

Are you danish? 'Cause you were wearing a DFT t-shirt - Danish Freestyle Team.

Being a unicyclist, I enjoyed the unicycling most, but because I don’t know anything about how hard doing any juggling tricks is, I thought the juggling looked completely crazy. Especially when you kicked the rings. In fact, I think anything better than juggling three balls look crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid! Where have you got your DFT t-shirt from?

the juggle stuff was insane and but the unicycling was also really nice;) :astonished:

The DFT I took at the last Unicon… I’m not from DFT, maybe I shouldn’t have put it on video, but I really didn’t thought about when I went to film =D

Haha okay ;D Í just wondered about it since i’m from DFT ;D

im I alone who think that this bail is SOOOOO funny! :D:D nice vid, amazing skillz.

Nice riding and juggling man. That fall at the end looked painful!