arguments for a 26" muni

there have been many threads about this and they all say something different, so i would like to collect all these thoughts and put them on one thread because i know there are several people on this forum including myself who are considering a 26" muni. so don’t get mad about another post about which size muni to get.

Great Thread! I’ve also been trying to decide between a 24" and 26" Muni. I kinda want a 26" but everyone says that extra 2" isn’t worth it and just adds extra weight and stuff. I’ve only really heard saskatchewanian saying good stuff about them…

i don’t know anything about 26ers but what i’m thinking is it’s easier to roll over bigger objects with 26ers. yes you will have extra weight but i think being able to power through more things will be an advantage.

The bigger the wheel, the hard to keep it under control. This is why I hate 24" and 26" for muni. I’d rather go with my 19" and go down some incredibly tech run (screw the long boring stuff).

24": more controllable, more hop-able
26": better for rolling over stuff.

My 2c

I have a 26 inch Surly w/KH hub and cranks. I find that those two inches make me significantly faster than most people on 24 inch unicycles. I think skill and technique get you over tough obstacles more than an extra two inches, though.
I love the endomorph tire for sand and snow, but I wouldn’t run it on dirt anymore.
I think Tellurider is also a 26er fan, but I’ve never ridden with him.
When I ride 24 inchers they just feel less substantial to me, but then again it is so much about what you are used to, how often you ride and your style.

Sounds more like natural trials than Muni to me.

Danni sounds like someone who doesn’t know how to ride MUni.

24 vs. 26 doesn’t really matter much, except in terms of what’s available on the market. The Nimbus 26 is a reasonable starter MUni; KH doesn’t make a 26", so if you want a top-end MUni, you have to decide between 24" and 29". I have a 24" and a 26" and I never ride the 26", mostly because it weighs probably two pounds more. But in terms of what I can do on it, I ride pretty much the same terrain on the two unis, and my speed is not noticeably different (the 26" has 170mm cranks, the 24" 150mm).

what brands are your 24" and 26"? i will mostly be riding trails and stuff and when there’s anything uber extreme i’ve got my kh trials. so i’m thinking a 26" would be aight.

I think I’ll go for 24" just for the added control, less weight, easier to hop, closer to the ground etc. I will be riding quite technical downhill trials where a 26" would probably just be a bit big. I have ridden 26" munis and 24" free style unicycles and the 2" does seem to make a difference. 26" is a good compromise between technical and XC I guess, and it’s way easier to buy 26" parts than 24.

I’m a big fan of the 26". A 26x3" is very nearly the same diameter as a 29er but is much more stable - I find 29ers very skittish on the rocky xc trails I usually ride, and even on forest singletrack I reckon I’m faster on the 26 (especially when a bit tired). I use my 26 (a Nimbus with 150s) for everything from commuting (if I want to take a more interesting route than I’m happy with on the coker) to xc racing. The extra inch of pedal clearance over a 24 is very useful as well.

A 24" is probably a better choice if you’re into the more jumpy/droppy/trialsy end of muni rather than the xc end, just for the slightly lower gear and slightly lighter weight. Of if you’re very short of course.


I’ve got both a 26" (Yuni frame w/ 26x3" Gazz) and 24" (KH frame w/ 24x3" Gazz) and I must say, for me, I keep coming back to my KH24 over and over again. I’ve done plenty of “extreme” muni with the KH24, which is far superior, in terms of control, to the 26". Mainly I do longer distance muni, not the same thing as XC, and still I’ve found I prefer the KH24 to the 26". For me, as a runner, spinning a lot isn’t a problem so I don’t mind the 24" on easier terrain. Sure I’m not going to be as fast as the 26" but most of the trails I ride would be considered intermediate to advanced so the 24" shines by being more nimble and having more “pop” so to speak. It’s all a matter of personal preference really, I’ve done a 50 mile trail ride on the KH24 and numerous trail rides over 15 miles. In all cases I made as good a time as my friend on his KH29 with 26x3 Gazz?? So given a choice all I’d need is my 24"…

My 26" is a Yuni (similar to the one still has–technology circa 2003), and my 24" is a 2005 KH.

A 26" would work fine, but the KH is a better unicycle than either the Nimbus or the Yuni, and you can’t get a KH in 26". If you’re not going to ride extreme stuff, I would recommend a 29er over either 24" or 26".

A 24" freestyle tyre is uch smaller than a 24" muni tyre, the difference between 24 and 26 munis will be far than you experienced. Infact the 24"x3" tyres have a diametre very close to normal width 26" tyres.

I agree completely with rob. w/ the 24", you’re halfway between distance muni and trials, i might lean more that direction if i had access to more northshore style manmade trails. the northeast is known for it’s rocky, bumpy trails, and my 26" rolls through the singletrack better over the constant bumps, imho. even in steep terrain, 165s/170s are too long. 150s allow for better speed, while still getting you up the hills.

At Moab (the rockiest, bumpiest terrain anywhere), probably 95% of the riders were on 24" or smaller unicycles.

Here is my analogy

When doing MUni a 19 is a Jeep, a 24 is a Hummer and a 26 is a tank

The Jeep can get in tight spots and is the most nimble of the three, but also the easiest to upset.

The Hummer can get over more stuff than a Jeep but can not fit in the same tight places.

A tank can just roll over stuff has awesome traction and is hard to upset but is less maneuverable than the Jeep or Hummer.

I am quite happy with my tank with 160s, it just feels the most natural to me but different people like different things.

I believe that KH used to ride a 26 but switched to a 24.

When comparing 24" vs. 26" you really have to be thinking in terms of specific tire/tire sizes. A nice 24" downhill tire (fat) is usually just a tad under 26" diameter. That’s probably why they were made as 24" in the first place, so they could fit into more mountain bike frames when they first came out. So when considering a 26" wheel, are you thinking in terms of “typical” MTB tires or fatties like the Gazzalodi (over 28" diameter)?

Here’s how it works out for me:

  • IMHO, 20" absolutely sucks for trail riding. The little wheel sticks in stuff it should roll over, and you don’t get anywhere fast. However if you’re into Trials and jumping all over everything, it’s the size to use. They are very popular on the trails at Moab or MUni Weekend for people who like all the side challenges along the trails.
  • My 24" (Wilder frame, Profile crankset, Sun DoubleWide rim, Gazz tire) is the bomb-proof machine that’s best suited to the hardest trails (like Moab), where I’m not afraid to pound on it and it still covers ground at a reasonable rate.
  • My 29" (GB4 frame, various square-taper cranks, rims and tires) is great for faster trails with light to medium technical stuff, but I’ve popped my tire twice in remote areas and never felt as secure on it on the gnarly stuff. I used it for the Tahoe Rim Trail at the last MUni Weekend there, where it was great for most of the ride, but no fun on a few of the technical spots where I was afraid to damage it (or me). If I want fun on the technical parts of a trail the answer is simple: my 24" (which is actually a 26" wheel).
  • And let’s not forget 36", which is a really fun wheel size for non- or lightly-technical terrain. It flies, and it’s really fun to see what you can do on such a big, heavy wheel!

So. What kind of riding do you want to do, and what tire diameter do you think will be best for you?

I like my 26" more for Muni because its noticably faster than my 24", and seems to take bumps alot smoother. it really is a tank. and with simply switching to smaller cranks i can pedal faster and its alot better for long distance than the 24. I just like it better.

And the whole 24" is better for technical is a bunch of crap. once you get used to the 26’s handling, you can do everything the 24 can. the difference between the 24 and 26 is too small to effect your technical ridability for muni. So i just take a 26". faster.

so what i’m thinking after all these opinions is ill go with the 26" to start. that way i have something between a technical muni and an xc muni. then when i get enough money i’ll get a kh 24 for the technical spots. then i have a nice commuter/xc muni and a technical muni. plus for the crap around where i live nothing is uber extreme anyway. any thoughts on that?

29ers ftw.

29er muni is awesomely fun because you can go so fast and roll over everything (downside is that there are not high volume tyres for 29ers, but still a lot of good muni tyres). Obviously this depends on what type of Muni you do. So far, i’ve yet to find anything that warrants a smaller than 29" wheel to tackle (although I can think of things… that I probably wouldn’t try regardless of my wheel size).

In essence an 26" is a compromise between technical and more cross country-styled Muni, so my conclusion is that it all depends on what you’re going to be riding on (or where…) - is that not obvious? :o

The bigger the wheel, the more hardcore the rider :stuck_out_tongue: .