Argentina Riding?

Hi, I’m off to a meeting in Argentina next week. I’ll have at least one day for riding (day after I arrive, Sat 8 Aug) and maybe a bit more around a week of meetings.

I’ll be in Mendoza.

Any suggestions for rides and/or riders to hook up with?


hey man!!! I live in san juan!!! al lado de mendoza ajaja
agregame mi mail es

Awesome, what kind kind of riding do you do? I’d love to find some muni or distance riding. Riding around town is also fun, but my trials skills are limited. Looks like I’ll have the afternoon of Friday the 7th open too, although I might rather spent from the 12hr flight!

Ok, my general plan is to ride around town a bit friday afternoon, check out the sites, recover from the plane ride, and hit up a few bike shops for info on good rides (I haven’t been able to find anything online). Then Saturday AM I’ll head up into the mountains somewhere. Hopefully take a bus to some trailhead and ride all day. I’ll have a 29guni.