Are You sponsored

Hi im curius how many people actually get sponsored and how the got sponsored im only by pizza hut lol and thats cause i ride by the place everyday

Memphis Unicycle Club is “sponsored” by Scwalbe tires. We sing the praises of the Big Apple on our 29s. I’m not sure what we get out of the deal. Maybe a discount on tires. But I bought mine before the sponsorship. So I’ll get my discount in another several hundred miles.

What do you get out of your deal? Free Pizza? Money?

thats ironic…whenever i ride infront of fast food places or places like that i get shooed away. o well


Re: Are You sponsored

I wish

the problem is, is that even if you do find a sponser, what do they sponser you for? most bike shops dont even carry unicycle parts, and if its through a food joint, then all you probably do is year a shirt advertising them and get discounts on food. i wanna see have a sponsered team, that would be cool

Hello. I’m part of the Bedford Unicycles factory team, and I’m sponsored by GB4 manufacturing as well. They’ve been awesome. My new uni combined of parts from both of them is just about here. I hope more people start getting sponsored by stuff like shoe companies or clothing companies.


I’m sponsored by SIXSIXONE…they have really great protective gear:)


I wanna be sponsored!

Huh. the local bike place gave me a shirt because we gave them MUni pics to put on their walls…

what did you do to get a sixsixone sponsorship?

I’m sponsored by my LBS- Johnsonville Cycles. Free servicing, wheel rebuilds, clothing etc.

I too was sponcered by my lbs, Bikeline of Greensburg

Its a great shop, I rode a few demo’s for them and sent business their way when asked. In return I got stuff at an employee rate.

The HoW gang is sponsored by our LBS, Rowletts. We got jersey’s and a 10% discount and they might pay our registration fees for comps like Motorrama. John Glazer is also sponsored by SIXSIXONE, he gets 40% off everything.

our sponsor flys us to demos in other capital cities. or

possibly best sponsor ever. without being professional

anyways you asked.

i’m sure a lot of people would like to see that
since the money would come out of their operating profits, it would probably mean that u and i would have to ‘pay’ for it in (slightly) increased prices
would u be kewl with that?

How exactly do you get sponsored then? Ive tried to figure out how you do it, but i just cant come up with anything good lol

if any riders are sponsored by sixsixone, how? did you send them pictures? a written peice explaining what you do? if you made a video, could you possibly post it to the gallery? i’d like to shoot for sponsorship, but i think i need more of an idea of how good one ought to be.

West 49 WANTS ME

west 49 wants to sponsor me but i have to make them a video but from what theyve seen of me and what theve heard from people around the city they say i have a good chance

Got to a Local Bike Shop(LBS) with a demo tape(usually 10 minutes long with a ton of riding and possibly a short bio or intro, and some clean but good music). And ask if they are sponsoring anyone right now, also mention you have a demo tape. Say like “Hey are you sponsoring anyone because I have a demo tape and all… So if you wanna see it.”
I did this with a local Mountain Bike shop “Seirra Nevada Cyclery”(Can order me parts from their supplier[has actual unicycle parts] and give me them at half off, unless its something expenive like a profile setup the I would only get like 75% off :frowning: ) They got me a pair of 661’s cheap($15) and free of shipping and stuff.
And a local BMX shop that has a ton of stuff I could need( really nice Pedals, wheel shop, shoes, clothes, helmets, and goes to a ton of events) “T-Rix Bicycles” I just walked in with my uni and immediately they were asking to see me ride but i said I had a video and if they wanted they could watch it so they were mega psyched and were like “Sure”.
I did both of these in spring and still havent had to go to any events(Although I would like to) but every tie I go in they all recognize me and callme by name. So im not complaining.

Both of them sponsored me hapily and Sierra Nevada cyclery gave me a jersey but its mega thin and looks like the shirt that John was trying to get rid of at CMW (Mine is Purple, Yellow, Green, and weird and covered in sponsor logos) I’ve worn it 2 times but once was when I was riding and I knew I was gonna see one of the owners that day and the other was because I was going to ride with a bike club for a short mountain bike ride, and new that if I wore the sponsor jersey that I wouldn’t get as many skeptics. Its not really that ugly i just have yet to wake up and say, “Hey lets wear that shirt today when I ride!” Maybe this sunday on my weekly longer ride I will wear it just for fun.

My dream is to be sponsored by Gary is just so nice, and he gave me the biggest discount! In fact my 661s should be here any day…

But Catboy… either you mean 25% off or some variation on 75%, for example… 7.5%