Are you Counting Down to Ride the Lobster?

For all those who are counting down the days until the start of the Ride the Lobster event and you are using a Mac I have created an unofficial countdown to Ride the Lobster Dashboard Widget that might be of interest to you.

The Ride the Lobster Countdown Widget. Here is a screenshot of the widget …

You will need to be running Mac OS 10.4.3 or greater. Download the .dmg package (2.5MB) containing the widget here …



it just so happens I am counting down to ride the lobster, thank you.

Can we count down to California MUni Weekend and Moab first? (And get your butt out here for those events, man! Who needs big wheels?)

Hey Tom,
Not to worry! I’m planning to make it out to this years California MUni Weekend and I won’t even bring my Coker … just for you! :wink:


actually one TEAM will win which is three people (or four if you count the support guy)

too bad I don’t have a Mac (I wish I did though)

great job anyways

Hey, cool, it’ll be good to see you.
(Come a week early with Jeff for the Berkeley festival, you can crash at my place).

I’m likely Riding the Lobster, too, but I’m not ready to count down yet. Too much other fun stuff.

By the way: Cool widget, but you might want to use an image of a big wheeler instead of KH.

That’s sweet! I love it when people support Macs.

corbin (AppKit / Mac OS software engineer)

The image of KH was already in the RTL logo, I think. Couldn’t they find any famous Canadian big-wheelers? :slight_smile:

And what’s the problem with big wheels at MUni Weekend this year? We have rides scheduled especially for them!