Are YOU a Nutcase unicyclist? (Contest)

Portland, Oregon, US based Nutcase Helmets is having a contest!
Simply submit your own photos to the Nutcase Flickr group for a chance to win a Nutcase Helmet and a GoPro HD video camera!
Note: you don’t need to be wearing a Nutcase. See the Nutcase Blog for more information and a fun little video.

Serious Juggling now carries Nutcase helmets.
See Unicycle Protective Gear for the coolest helmets around.

Besides racking up numerous awards, Nutcase Helmets were named by Bicycling magazine as one of The Best Gifts for Bicyclists 2009.
Even more so for attention-seeking unicyclists. :smiley:

-Ben Schoenberg (nutcase #1 @SeriousJuggling wearing the latest Watermelon design)

Haha thats awesome

But i highly recommend you do wear some sort of protection for your Nut…