Are you a Fanatic?

You answered yes to 74 questions.
This gives you a score of 48.05 percent.

41 - 60% Unicycling is something you are pretty passionate about and plays a big part in your life.

i would have thought i was a lot less. i think i should be only 21 - 40% Unicycling has progressed beyond a passing interest into the realms of a serious hobby. thus conlcuding that the unicycle fanatic test results are not very accurate


I just took the test and I’m 97%!!! (scroll down)

97% sure I’m STILL a “fanatic” even though my score was mere 37.66%:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  1. something %.

So would I score more points if I broke a few components? How does riding 10 -20 miles without a dismount compare with doing a 3 foot drop? :thinking:

Depends on the terrain you cover in 20 miles. If it’s off-raod, technical/rocky terrain , then yeah, that’s a hellava workout, and probably involves some good drops and stuff. But if were just talking about a “pleasure” on mostly flat, paved ground, then that’s a different ball game.:smiley:


A soul-destroying 19%.
And I thought I was making progress.

That’s another bias in the test. The test was designed back before splined hubs and the better equipment was available. Broken equipment is less likely now for those who buy equipment that is appropriate for their riding abuse. And it would be nice to have some additional measure of progress or advancement other than just bigger and bigger drops.

I think we should design a new quiz that takes into consideration all types of riding and the new equiptment standards…

Anyone up for the challenge?

Im a newbie to the sport,

You answered yes to 25 questions.
This gives you a score of 16.23 percent.

I think ill take it again in a year or two ( if i remember ) and see any changes.

ooohh im way high up there … prolly because i answered ALL the have you ever broken questions

101 questions answered

wohhoooo lol … i almost forgot i landed the 9 ft drop (off a dune… over 14 feet down… soft smooth sliding landing … shoulda gotten it on tape


Lies all lies…Didint you hear what JC said…Nobody except Johnfoss and a few others can score that high.

Glad you didnt forget, that would have been terrible. It suits this thread to.


I love sarcasm…thumbs up

hahahahahaha well said mike

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

oh and skarobo go back and film it then, i wanna this 14 foot drop or whatever it was.

take a tape and messure

Why is something like this test causing so many problems? Seriously, the test is for fun, it is not something dramatic and life changing. So what, some people “cheated” on this test, and others may have just made up a score and posted it without ever taking the test. Either way it makes no difference. If this is something serious to you then take your results seriously, but there is no reason to ridicule other people because they don’t take it as seriously. It’s rediculous that something that really should only matter to the person taking the test is causing this big of a problem. Just think about how much their results really affect you before you bash them for “cheating.”


Wow, that was serious. Even though I dont think I did, we were just playing round (I think). We do need to calm down a bit.


Maybe you should read the content quality thread and realized that it was only a joke…That would be cool dont ya think??

lol the part about me almost forgetting was sarcasm too (i did the jump on a dune w/ a steep side about 2 hours from here so im not going back)