Are you a Fanatic?

Ok im certain this has been posted many times before and i kno that ok! I just posted this for the newer members or perhaps older members that may have never seen this and would have never found it.

Anyways, this is really fun. Its a cheacklist that you scroll through and check off the ones that apply to you. Then you give it your name and it tells you how much of a fanatic you are!

Take the test and post your scores in your reply.

I answered yes to 62 questions and got a score of 40.26% which means that i consider unicycling a very serious hobby.

Have fun

I got 50.62%!!!


I hang my head in shame.:o

Aparently unicycling is my life 87.01% tied with john foss

I got 45%
Oh and i aswered 70 questions

this test is really cool

Your Results
You answered yes to 68 questions.
This gives you a score of 44.16 percent.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How did you fair?
0 - 20% You’ve been introduced to the unicycling world but have much to learn.
21 - 40% Unicycling has progressed beyond a passing interest into the realms of a serious hobby.
41 - 60% Unicycling is something you are pretty passionate about and plays a big part in your life.
61 - 80% We can safely categorize you as a unicycling fanatic.
81 - 100% Unicycling is your life.

although my true score is “Unicycling is your life.”

I scored 64.29.

Is it fair to study the terms and names? I brought my score up by doing some googling.

P.S. It’s easy to be dishonest on the questions, like the “unique unicycle” one. Is it unique or did you just add your own paint job and stickers? Also, could building a unicycle mean putting a frame on a wheelset?

With this in mind, if you get a false score now, in a few years time when you actually reach that score it won’t mean much.

As a newbie to the sport, I will probably take ‘knowledge and experience challenged honors’ with a whopping 16% .
Probably could be entered in the ‘warrants ridicule’ stage? :wink:


with all honsety, i probably could have a fudged a few, but decided against it
You answered yes to 64 questions.
This gives you a score of 41.56 percent.


You answered yes to 99 questions.
This gives you a score of 64.29 percent.
61 - 80% We can safely categorize you as a unicycling fanatic.


Yes, it is very easy to cheat on that test. However, you’re only cheating yourself. It’s more fun and rewarding to work and achieve a goal than to falsely claim it.

Studying to learn the names of abbreviations and other terms would be cheating. You learn the terms and names by being active in the unicycling community and learning the history. You go to conventions, talk with people, read materials at the conventions, read web sites, etc. If your only connection with the unicycling community is reading this newsgroup (forum) then you are missing much of the knowledge and experiences that will allow you to answer those questions.

When I take the test I judge myself strictly. If I have to stretch then I’m not yet ready to check that box. It makes it more fun and more honest.

I have gone out and intentionally done things just to complete an option on the test. For example I rode my unicycle on a Washington State Ferry while it was traveling so I could claim that I rode my unicycle on a moving vehicle. That’s what makes the test fun.

A unicycle is not unique if you just add stickers or a new paint job. A unique unicycle is one that is structurally unique and not just superficially unique. Think of specialty and novelty unicycles. Things like a giraffe with a scooter wheel, a coaster unicycle that you made yourself, something that had to be built special. Claiming a unique unicycle just because of the paint job is not fair to the people who have genuinely unique unicycles. I have unicycles that are supreficially unique. They would stand out in a pile of unicycles at a convention. But none that I would consider unique in terms of the unicycle fanatic test.

Same goes for building a unicycle. To build a unicycle means starting with a pile of parts that don’t look anything like a unicycle and making a unicycle out of those parts. At a minimum it would mean building the frame and building the wheel. Bonus points if you also build the hub and other parts.

And anyone who manages to tie John Foss (other than a few well known others) is not being honest with the scoring.

The test is biased towards people who go to conventions and are active in the national or international organizations. That’s just the way of the test.

37.66%. I really expected to get a higher score considering all the YES answers I gave! I guess I’m not a “fanatic!” Maybe that’s a GOOD thing!:smiley:


yes im fanatic

yes, im fanatic

24 yes

Oh dear, but I have only been unicycling for 6 months!!:frowning:

Your Results
You answered yes to 41 questions.
This gives you a score of 26.62 percent.

yer thats about right i am happy because when i answered yes to ‘can you rebuild a wheel’ i thaught, hey that is actually pretty coll that i can do that and get it within one mm of perfect:D

i hate that test…it means nothing

You answered yes to 64 questions.
This gives you a score of 41.56 percent.

not bad for less than 2 months riding, at least i think anyway