Are you a clown?

(Julian Orbach)
>Are you a clown?

No, just clowning around. (Jimmy Brokaw) wrote:

>In message <> Julian Orbach writes:

>> The question we haven’t discussed is one I hear a lot: “Are you a clown?”
>> Mere text does not allow me to put the full emotion and Does anyone have a
>> snappy answer to this question?
>“Are you white with black stripes or black with white stripes?”
>(Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
>“Only when I want to be.” “Only on Thursdays.” “No, but its my day off.” "Isn’t
>everybody?" “Put a little birdhouse in your soul.” "No, I’m a mono-cyclic
>population entertainment specialist." “Clown? Where?” (Jump off uni and look
>around worried) “No, I don’t do politics.” “You mean the paint still shows?” "I
>may look foolish, but you’re stupid, and at least I can dismount." "Are you an
>astronaut?" “No. I’m more into leather, really.” “No, I don’t do politics.” (I
>liked that one) “At least I’m not a MIME!!!”

Those were great responses. Add to the list: “No, I’m a Brain Surgeon.” “No, I’m
a Fire Truck.” “It depends who you ask.” “Ask my mother.” “Are you a human?”

I cannot count the number of times I’ve been asked that question. I have no
excuse for why it wasn’t on the original list!

>> who was watching, to pick it up for me. Rather than give it to me though, he
>> ducked away and ran around and around waving it with glee. The attempts of
>> three of us on unicycles, and two people on in-line skates to catch him were
>> in vain (he was ducking and weaving faster than we could.)

A person with two feet on the ground will generally have a lot more ability to
dodge and weave than you on your unicycle. I don’t have any excuses for your
friends on skates, though . . . .

Stay on Top! John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone