Are wider tires easier to control?

Im wobbling like c razy thry to go backwards and I think its because of the thinness of htis tire. Im planning on getting that new DX, think it will be easier to learn on that?


It hasn’t got to do with the width of your tire, it’s all about practice!
Learning to ride backwards takes some time, learning to get the balance right…

I find wide-soft tyres far more hard to control, compairing my primo-the wall at 4BAR with my maxxis creepy crawler at 1.5BAR, it’s 2 diferent worlds, i can turn my freestyler with the lightest touch, but i can also feel anything i ride over… On the streeter it’s more force involved…

It’s not your tire, it’s you! Who havent got enough time to learned to rotate the cranks bakcwards in a smooth motion, and that’s what makes yur wheel wobble.

It’s not the width that matters, but the shape.

To see what I mean by “shape” (or "profile) look at a car tyre and a motorcycle tyre.

A car tyre has a wide flat rolling surface. A motorcycle tyre has a rounded cross section. When a motorcycle leans, the curve of the tyre makes the transition smooth, and there is a fairly constant amount of rubber touching the road at each angle of lean. If you put a car-style tyre on a motorcycle, as you started to lean, the tyre would deform, unless it was pumped up to such a high pressure that it couldn’t - in which case, you’d be riding on an edge.

When you ride a unicycle, you need to “wobble” or “weave” just a little bit to maintain side to side balance. The better you are, the less you need to weave, but it’s still there.

My Gazz 2.3" tyre has a very square cross section and can be horrible to ride. The tyre on my 20 is similar. The ultra skinny tyre on my 700c is very rounded, and steers like a dream. The Coker 2.5" tyre is very rounded and also steers easily.

I’ve attached a rather crude Paint diagram to illustrate.

As for recommending a particular tyre, I leave that to the experts.

tyre sections.bmp (110 KB)