are we allowed to compete in bike trial competitions?

title says it all and if we are how do i find out about them?

Talk to the orginizer of the competition, that is the only way to find out, and do it before hand. My guess is if you just show up and try and compete they will probably say no, I probably would if I were organizing a bike trials competition and a uni showed up wanting to compete. Also keep in mind that the obstacles at a bike trials comp tend to be much larger than a uni comp. Or at least from the trials comps I have seen.

Yeah talk to the event organiser. I guess it depends how many people there will be there and how serious the competition is

I have been doing it ever since I started. You do have to get used to the rules that bikes use. It’s funny, I won beginner, then the next year I won intermediate against bikers. It was awsome:D .

i have at moterama


I think i remember that for the 26" bikes, touching the ground with anything else than the tyre is penalized.
In trial with 20" wheels, they can touch obstacles with the protection of their chainwheel to.

So they might or not allow you to do pedal grabs. But i would find fair to let you compete, bikes can easily pass some obstacles almost impossible for unicycles.


if you were running a unicycle trials comp, would you really want guys there on bikes?

just put up a sign saying no bikes or skateboards!

It’s really up to the organizers. Although if I were organizing a bike trials comp I wouldn’t let a unicycle compete, because its’ a different sport. The manuverability of a bicycle is just different than a unicycle. It’s a different sport

It’s interesting to have seen the advancement of bike trials, esp. things like doing away with the seat and post altogether, and doing mostly rear wheel hops. SO, isn’t a unicycle just the logical progression of trials equipment?

As long as the front wheel never touched I wouldn’t see any problem with that.

I had the opertunity to ride on the Bike Trials course at the MTB world champs this year, but unlike most other trials comps we had to wait until the competition was complete and the course (made of several very difficult sections) was very tricky to ride (unless you can static hop well over a meter from mud).
Very cool tho.

But then some of the bike rider’s might disagree. And what would happen if the guy on the unicycle won, all the bike riders would be pissed then.

not realy true