Are unicyclists inherently SILLY?

I noticed that many of the posts mention silliness. Are we an inherently silly bunch of people? I know I am – it’s a big part of my life and my sense of humor. There is joy in silliness.

Inspired by Klaas, I made an (inadequate) attempt at a statistical analysis. First, I used to search the forums for silliness. Then I switched to Google, which of course gave conflicting results. search for: silly OR silliness - 379 out of 58,061 posts (0.65% of posts)
Just Conversation - 11 out of 2,056 posts (0.54% of posts)

Now, to compare us to others, the SAME search, using Google… - 405 out of 44,000 (0.9% of posts) - 4,940 out of 381,000 posts (1.3% of posts) - 3,870 out of 254,000 (1.5% of posts)


Certainly, boxers are not 66% sillier than we are. Being in touch with my inner silliness, if someone were to suggest that – I would be offended.

Clearly, my random sampling of newsgroups is not a valid measure of silliness. And I can only search for the words, not the concept. Also, many non-unicyclists use the word silly to mean “stupid”, or even “senseless”. (not us – when we say silly we mean silly). Here are samples from the golf and boxing newsgroups.

“Does anyone out there have any silly local rules at your golf club?”
“The Rhino would knock you out silly!”

Which brings me back to square one. Are we an inherently silly bunch?

uni57 (Dave)

I am!

Mini giraffes are silly. Novelty unicycles are silly. All other unicycles are serious business. All that we can conclude from the statistics is that not enough unicyclists own a mini giraffe or a novelty unicycle.

John “owner of a silly giraffe” Childs

Well look at the steriotipical view most people have of unicyclists. A clown wobbling and struggling to stay up, that’s silly. John_childs you can’t say that mini girafes are silly and that novelty Unicycles are silly because some people are serious about them. Silly is what you make things. For instence the clown thing, some clowns use standard unicyles to be silly. Some trials riders just joke around and have fun, things aren’t specifically silly or not silly like you said. I am a really silly guy, when I’m just screwing around with my friends, but when practicing unicycling I’m sort of serious.
In closing I have a couple of (silly/serious) jokes for you all to enjoy.

Q. What was wrong with the wooden car?

A. It wooden go.

Q. There is to sausages in a frying pan. one says to the other “Wow, it’s hot in here.” the other responds “Wow, a talking sausage.”

If you don’t understand just say so and I’ll explain them.


One more thing, you spent a while looking up and through and at all of this:

" - 379 out of 58,061 posts (0.65% of posts)
Just Conversation - 11 out of 2,056 posts (0.54% of posts)

Now, to compare us to others, the SAME search, using Google… - 405 out of 44,000 (0.9% of posts) - 4,940 out of 381,000 posts (1.3% of posts) - 3,870 out of 254,000 (1.5% of posts)"

Isn’t that kind of silly or are you serious about it?

Q. What do Pink Floyd and Dale Earnheart have in common?

A. The wall was their last great hit.

THanks for letting me post these, I just love them. If you all have any please send them to me at:


That’s 101% pure silliness!

It just occurred to me – “outsiders” (non-unicyclists) may have a different and possibly more accurate assessment of our silliness. We may not be able to answer this important question ourselves.

Logan – I loved your first two jokes. As a response to the sausage joke, I will from now on say to every unicyclist I encounter while riding – “Where’s your other wheel?”

You should put your silly jokes here.

uni57 (Dave)

I’m sorry, was I being silly? Or did I accidentally have a serious moment?

Yes, it’s 101% pure silliness!

(I take my riding seriously AND my silliness seriously)

uni57 (Dave)

Silliness is serious business. If you don’t believe me, look in Jay Lenos’ garage. -or look in Foss’s garage. Seriously, quantifying silliness, or seriously asking silly people to rank their silliness is silly.
That’s just what I think, but other than that, I’m perfectly normal…Perfecly normal.

Surely from an outsider’s point of view, unicycles are silly. The silliness is implied, rather than having to explicity specify silliness.


(Sorry about calling you Shirley, btw…)

By posting silliness statistics the sillines of the forum is changed.

I read about something similar in a book on quantum mechanics.


Re: Are unicyclists inherently SILLY?

When I have a bad day at work, I like to come to this newsgroup to cheer me
up. When the unicyclist people are being nice, they are then being silly.
It’s like a switch, either the people here are nice or they are being silly.

I remember when I first go into mountain biking 2 years ago and I visited
their newsgroup. My gosh, there were way tooooooooooo many riders who were
rude. It was kind of depressing to visit their newsgroup, really.

>By posting silliness statistics the sillines of the forum is changed.

would that be the heisilliberg principle?
schrodingers’ silly cat?
quick! someone tell weisbecker, there’s a book here, begging to be written
‘silly bandito’s’ or
‘cosmic sillyness’

now i’m going to sit back and wait for jagur, gluteous and greg harper to find this thread
let the heavyweights at it
oh yes, and u bruce

You don’t have to find the words for it to be silly. Silliness is implied. Don’t you think it is a bit silly how serious some people take unicycling.

There are those who focus and work and cuss and dedicate large parts of their lives to Uni. But after getting in your face to prove the seriousness of their pursuit, they still look silly riding off down the road. (snicker)

By the “silliness is implied” definition, 99% of these posts apply. (I leave that 1% for the posts I’ve seen refering to people’s injuries. Nothing silly about that)

What about outside unicycling? Wether unicycling is silly or not is probably never going to be agreed on by unicyclists, and we’re unlikely to accept the views of non-unicyclists.

Maybe a better gauge of ‘sillyness’ would be from activities other than unicycling where the activities of non-unicyclists can be compared with unicyclists. That’s basic scientific practice, needing a control group. I think this demands an in depth inquiry. Which is a completely sensible idea.

“Right, All those who have been to the uni library at 10:00 at night wearing a toga and asking for a book on ancient history raise your hand.”

Don’t ask.


I’m gald you like my joke about the sausage. To add a little bit more to us being silly. If you’ve seen the Universe video you’ll remember the part when there’s about a dozen unicyclists riding of into the night. Their hands are moving reall acwardly and you can’t really tell what they are doing. That is a perfect example of sillyness from the greats.


I think your survey merely measured discussions about sillyness, or meta-sillyness. Think of meta-sillyness as once-removed from actual sillyness. So while those boxers may be saying “Those silly unicyclers, they couldn’t bludgeon themselves worth a damn…”, they’re not actually being silly.

I bet you could perform a different search that would measure more accurately: Search for the number of on-topic posts. So in rsu, search for “unicycle”/“unicycling”, and in rsb search for “boxer”/“boxing”. Then subtract those from the total number of posts, and make a ratio of the result.

I dunno though, perhaps it’s just here where the off-topic posts are all silly…


Unicycling is absurd, and anyone who says it’s silly is daft.:wink:

Hey, if you watch soccer or ice-hockey…
You don’t think this bunch of players are silly to make complete battle for just a piece of leather or plastic…?
Well, then you have also this kind of poeple who view this battle’s, and who know exactly how many goals player 7 was making on 13 sept 1967.
Don’t you think THAT is silly?
I think you better ride a unicycle than watch tv (or some other kind of screen i.c.o. time-wasting)…

I thought we were nerds. Here on the newsgroup/forums at least. Nerds/dorks/geeks.

Maybe silly too…

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003 18:13:19 -0600, uni57 <> wrote:

> - 405 out of 44,000 (0.9% of posts)
> - 4,940 out of 381,000 posts (1.3% of posts)
> - 3,870 out of 254,000 (1.5% of posts)
>Certainly, boxers are not 66% sillier than we are.

Or are they? Boxers often become quite silly, dumb, numb and daft because of the repeated pounding against their brain-pan. I accept, though, that this would not be the kind of silliness that uni57 takes pride in. :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil
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