Are unicycles like boats?

My G29 with blue wheel is called Bluebird - dad named it as it’s all-blue and he drew a comparison between the speed record-breaking boat that killed both of its drivers :astonished:

Yes, but I only did it briefly to show that it could be done.

David Elliott’s unicycle makes a fine boat.




My 20 floats, but it’s sort of a trials uni (2.45" tire). I rode it off the end of a dock, thinking I would have to swim down afterwards and get it off the lake bottom, but, much to my surprise, there it was, bobbing right next to me.

They do less and less as you spend more time in the saddle. Some top-riders leave a perfectly straight trail - someone here posted a photo of his trail in the snow and it was like it has been drawn with a ruler!

He was known for his uni skills but somehow the marketing bureau left them out and only kept the less niche tricks.

Ditto here. My 24" is the “muni” or the “24”, sometimes the “24 muni”. Same goes with the other sizes.

Bearing lubes???

Since everyone is having fun swimming with their unis I’d like to know how you deal with water in the hub/bearings?

my KH 24 is named “blue dop” ( a “dop” is a, stubborn, moroccan lizard see Here for picture)
my 26" fatty is “franken-muni” (built from so many different parts)

but other unis have names that refer to french pop culture (comics, cartoons, pop songs):
29er: “zéphyrin”
19": “zébulon” (tv cartoon “le jardin enchanté”: a bouncing character )
other 24 muni: “Grouïnk” (Astérix the Gaul comics: name for a boar)
Coker: “Mirza” (famous song by Nino Ferrer: about a dog named Mirza)

I’m about to buy my first unicycle and it will be “garagedude”

I did saltwater beach riding with the 36", I got wiped out by the waves a couple of times, it floated. Not good for the hub flanges and spokes, as I found out. Did a g36 ride today in pouring rain. Seems ok for now, time will tell.
No my uni doesnt ride like a boat, though, it was kinda dizzying riding through several inches of bubbly fast moving water.

If I didn’t ride my G29 in the rain I wouldn’t ride it at all. Just keep it greased and lubed and it’ll be fine I think :smiley:

Good to know because some of my favorite rides are in the rain, next to sun

My freestyle doesn’t have a name but my racing 24" is angry red. I can never seem to get it to go as fast as I want it to

Wait until they sound crusty, then buy new ones.

I think the naming of your second unicycle will be a little harder.

Yes, salt water can be mean to lots of things. I remember reading that it’s a good idea to at least rinse down with fresh water after exposing your uni (or bike or camera) to the salt.