Are unicycles like boats?

I just bought a brand “new car smell” unicycle and need to know are we supposed to name our unicycles? The same way boats have names for good luck?
Please share any names you have given yours:p

So what did you get?

Unlike children you can first get a feel for its character and only then give it a fitting name :slight_smile:

My 27.5" might become “the snake” because it always leaves a twisty trail.
I don’t want to blame the rider.

Mine is an Oracle 27.5 the green wheel. My first thought was “Kermit” after the frog but maybe that’s a bit corny…
I do like the idea of give it a few rides first.

I have named 3 of the dozen or so that I have owned. The Road Razor, the Bacon Slicer, and the Holy Roller.

Sometimes I give a colorful name to one my pedals, after it swing around and hits me in the shin.

The Holly Folly?

“Widowmaker” also comes to mind :astonished:

Ever since I added a bell to my 36er it’s been known as “the machine that goes ping”.

Unicycles are boats. They’re just not very seaworthy. All of my unicycles are named Clownbike.

I have seen 24s and 29s with fat tyres go into the river or canal following a UPD. They float.

My skinny 700c did not float but I managed to retrieve it.

A boat is still a boat if it doesn’t float. It’s just not a very good boat :p.

They’re unlike boats in that a unicycle is not “a hole in the water you throw money into” and the two best days of a unicyclist’s life are not “the day they buy it and the day they sell it.” These are the two things boat owners have taught me about boat owning a boat.

To me, unicycles are like canoes.

-Not for naming but for the high degree of skill it takes to make the use of one seem effortless.
-There are new skills to learn all of the time.
-You can’t have just one

Once you do “get it” it’s as close as you can come to that feeling of flying in a dream.

I like that. :slight_smile:

Now I perfectly understand where your nicknames comes from !

don’t all unis leave a twisty trail? Mine do.

This is the one thing that makes me think I’m getting it!

I love riding a b*ke in the dark because of the feeling of flying but it’s nothing compared to how it feels on a uni when it’s all working.

If they have fat (enough) tires they float. That doesn’t make them boats. Naming something doesn’t make it a boat, but you can name it.

Mine don’t really have names, other than functional names. Oxford (for the Oxford), 45 (for the 45"). 36 for my Road machine, Old Coker for the old Coker. Boring.

My Muni may become named “Tree Hugger”

So when riding fast enough, you can ride on water. Was maybe also a pastime for that holy guy.