Are Torkers any good?

I look at fb marketplace and craigslist and ut seems there’s always Torkers and Sun unicycles for sale. Are they just old mass produced generic uni’s or are there any that are any good?

Before you buy a yorker look at that nimbus 26er on the trading post here. Believe me it will not last.

I don’t really want to buy one. I was just curious. I usually see 20” for $50-75.

I have bought 5 used unicycles over the past several years . I would hold out for a nimbus, will be a better long term unicycle. I own 2 UDC unicycles A 29er and a 32. They have square taperd cranks which are fine for the type of riding I do. I have a variety of crank sizes because they are inexpensive, give you an opportunity to experiment. You have to be diligent in looking for a used uni keep an eye on ebay.

Torkers and Sun unicycles are fine.

Whether they suit your needs depends on what your needs are though. They’re not the most modern designs, or the lightest, or the strongest unicycles out there, but they’re fine as learners or for more “traditional” unicycling.

There were 3 levels to Torker, CX (not good), LX (maybe similar level as UDC’s Club brand), and DX (higher level with ISIS cranks, etc).

My first unicycle was a 24" DX, and I’m still using it, though with lots of parts changed out. It had some quality control issues - the seatpost wouldn’t stop slipping, I broke lots of spokes, I couldn’t keep the cranks tight - but in theory it was a really nice unicycle. Maybe I just got a bad example.

They sold the brand to the parent company of Raleigh/Diamondback, so those are the current versions. I don’t know if the DX level exists anymore, but I think an LX would be a decent purchase.


Jumping back on this thread. Ever since I got a 26” muni my wife has started using my 20” no namer to try to learn on. However I like to mess around on it a lot still. I leave town every other week to work so I want a cheapo 20” to mess around on at work while leaving the no namer at home hoping my wife will keep trying.

So would you spend $50 on a Torker CX. I’m on the FB market place. There’s a handful of CX’s around. The post above makes it sound like they’re not so good. But they compare it to a club. There’s a 20” club for $60 that I can’t get a reply from but from the looks of it I’d have a better chance of talking the Torkers down then the club. They’re just kinda far away.

Anyway, what’s with Torker cx’s. Are they really that bad? I don’t hop on jump. I may take them off some curbs. Ate they crappy or just low level by today’s standards?

Go for it! The saddle is not great, but it’s okay. As long as you avoid drops, side-hops and flatland-type technique, it’ll last forever. I bought a 20" Torker CX on CL a few months after I began riding. We were vacationing in the Mid West and I suddenly was without a unicycle. I’m 6’2" and the seat was not quite high enough, but I made it work. I learned how to idle and ride backwards on the CX. It was my first 20", and it made me realize I wanted a nicer 20", so I upgraded to an Equinox Street.

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