are they really bombproof

has any one every tested bombproof unis or is it just a scam

[sarcasm]i have yet to get my hands on a bomb for with which to test this.
check back when i rule the world. Then we’ll see if i have an extra bomb in the garage. [/sarcasm]
no. it’s a figure of speech. I don’t think they’re REAlly bombproof.

By saying “are they really bombproof” do you mean are they really strong? or can they really stand up through a bomb?
If you mean the first one then yes but if you mean the second one then do you really think a fabric seat cover and rubber tire would do well during an explosion?:o


Well yeah people do ride extremley hard on them, but I don’t think there’s a single uni component that someone hasn’t managed to break somewhere. But that’s not the point, you’re never going to do a 12 foot drop for instance so your chances of breaking a strong crankset is slim. If you mean can they hold up to explosive power then that depends how big a bomb we’re talking, im sure a firecracker wouldn’t do too much harm, half a pound of C4 might finish one off though. But you do understand that ‘bombproof’ is not mean t to be taken literally don’t you?

well i mean just the metal bits and and say a staderd amry grenade

Who cares? That isn’t what they mean when they say bombproof, that is a totally hypothetical and useless situation which has almost certainly never occured.

i can imagine some army guy riding over a mine getting blown upward 30 meter landing and riding out of it

The way grenades are made is so that they throw chunks of metal (hence the pineapple pattern on most for good sized chunks). The blast itself probably wouldn’t do anything to the uni, I wouldn’t be that surprised if the softer parts made it through. This is unless of course the uni was say, strapped to the explosive in which case I would be very surprised if there wasn’t any damage.

Anyways that said I think this kind of thread would be much better suited to just conversation instead of clogging up the with useless topics that make using the search function a chore.

i don’t think you understand how powerful land mines are. nor grenades for that matter.

I may be underestimating them but I figure the blast would just throw the uni up into the air or out of the way instead of actualy damaging it with the shockwave. But like I said I might be wrong, I only know from experience with experimenting with the gunpowder in firecrackers.

I’d agree that if a frame was near a landmine it would probably be blown a long way but not actually damaged by the blast. Of course if a high velocity chunk of metal from a grenade hit it i thnk it would dent it pretty badly.

You’ll have to ask the bomsquad himself. Although he’s often away for longer periods, doing jobs abroad.
In this post he posted below pic.
I think I’ve seen a pic somewhere with a unicycle that had some airplane-bomb as part. Where was that?

that would be a sweet commercial

like this


Yahoo on osa Yahoon tuotemerkkejä. :roll_eyes:

yeah i saw that before i joined unicyclist stil 1 of my favourite sites

Once I have a useless “bombproof” unicycle, and have no use for it anymore, ill make a bomb and try to blow it up, probably get it on video too =p

Somebody should before me though, cause i dont think any of my unis will be useless for a while =p