are these good pedals if not any suggestions for metal pedals

hi i found these metal pedals and they look really grippy i ride trials so im looking for a good grippy strong pedal if theses are not good could you suggest something that is i have been looking at straightline pedals but i cant seem to find a place that sells them :frowning:

thanks in advance

The grip would be good, but the platforms will be to small I think.

Those are VP style pedals… Were really common in megamo and monty bikes (2000-2004 I believe)…

They’re really grip, but there are 2 bad things:

-Will kill your shins, and even with shinguard you may hurt yourself… It’s really dangerous!

-Will bend the cages with pedal grabs in a relly short time.

Both thins happened with me riding VP Cage pedals… not sure if this one will bend, but they’re shin killers!

it depends on how much you enjoy having shins.

Get the mg1 by wellgo on that website, they are the new standard in trials pretty much.

I broke then in less than 5 months dropping 6 pallets at UNICON!

so does anyone think that the VP style is even worth trying regardless of my shins ? and yeah the MG-1 are my ones to fall back on just wanted to see if there was anything better grip wise and not over $200 :stuck_out_tongue: lol but those 2 pedals on that website seem nice for how much they are so what would you think ?

thanks in advance

I wouldn’t get them.

ok so i should go for the WG-1s ? or there is these would those be any better ?

I think the slim jims would wear to quick and they look slippery without pins,

I currently have the Try-All Black Label Pedals, so far the best pedals I have had.
Good platform, good grip.

I wouldn’t say there the best though. but reasonable price and decent weight.

Kona Wah Wah pedals = BEST PEDALS EVER !!! No pins have come out,slim for that extra cm pedal grab :wink: and they dont wobble at all even after riding them hard

what would you say are the best pedals to get for your money i did find thid website has some nice stuff

also are the Onza Tensile ISIS Cranks 140mm good i forgot i read about them a little bit ago because there a lot of money yet they look weaker then kh moments :thinking:

thanks in advance

also are the Onza Tensile ISIS Cranks 140mm good i forgot i read about them a little bit ago because there a lot of money yet they look weaker then kh moments :thinking:

thanks in advance

p.s i also found a site that sells Straitline SC Platform Pedals

Onza tensiles are the best cranks for trials IMO.Ive ridden them pretty hard and they havent bent or anything.Moments are way stronger than they need to be and moments also weigh twice as much

I had pedals like that, only single cage ones.
I snaped my right pedal on a 50cm hop.
Yeah thats right, I broke it on a hop ONTO something.
But I did love the fealing of those pedals and they were prety light.
Might go back to them when I will go back to trials…

The best metal pedals I have seen so far are:

New Butterflies,
NYC Freeride Racelites.

You can get both the racelites and the straightlines from Phat Moose Cycles.

I found the Racelites here as well for people in AUS.

Also a little background for what I have seen in terms of people testing them. Ryan rode the Freerides for quite a long time before the Straightlines, then it was on the straightlines ever since.

I’ve seen Joe riding ridiculously hard on the Butterflies, and they are pretty nice, but still. If you are looking for strength, I would go with the straightlines or the freerides.

The only downside to the freerides is their weight, but they are arguably a bit stronger, and the pins on freerides are ultra bad ass.

Wow I was checking out the NYC freeride site, and they are offering a lifetime warranty against breakage on these pedals.

lol you broke them on a hop up that’s funny hope there not like that because they look very grippy

well i think i found out what my kh20 08 is going to be :slight_smile: its going to be the longleck frame CF seatbase with Onza 140mm cranks with straightline pedals or those free rides and a try-all sticky tire i think that will be so awesome :slight_smile: thank you all very much and if there is anymore about the pedals please tell :wink:

Gusset Slim Jims suck for trials. Period. Crap. Bought mine for trials and they are sitting in the box new lol.